Healthy Nut Recipes

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Healthy Nut Recipes

Nuts are great to add plenty to your diet. The addition of protein, monounsaturated fats, and fiber will help you in plenty of ways while helping you keep that full feeling for a more extended period of time. There are plenty of times where nuts go in perfectly, even when most people have never thought of using these underrated food items.

Here are a few healthy nut recipes that are super delicious and easy to make.


Healthy Snacks

A lot of people have baked banana bread, and some people bake pumpkin bread regularly. While many people have had blueberry muffins, blueberry bread is also a great treat. If you’ve ever noticed, banana bread often already has nuts in it. Why not add some nuts, such as pecans, to your blueberry bread?

If you’re into something a bit more fluid, having smoothies is always a good idea. One type that goes well with just about everything is when you take ice cream, yogurt, and milk (common smoothie ingredients), and then throw in almonds. The almonds have a unique, subtle taste, and texture that adds a lot to a smoothie. As well, almonds have a ton of fiber that helps you feel full longer.

Start with a base of ½ cup nuts and ½ cup milk. I like unsweetened almond or coconut milk, but regular works just as well. Combine your oats and liquid in a small jar or other small, lidded container. Now, time to customize. Mix-ins should work together to add both flavor and nutrients. Chia seeds are great a source of healthy fat, but also act as a binder for creamier oats. Play around with enhancement like a teaspoon of cinnamon or vanilla extract. A tablespoon of plain cocoa powder turns oats into a guilt-free dessert-like experience.

Allow time to sit refrigerated for a least a few hours, or as the name suggests, overnight. In the morning, continue to jazz them up with whichever toppings you’re in the mood for. Any of your favorite fruits, fresh or dried, are perfect companions to overnight oats. Try a dollop of Greek yogurt, any nuts or seeds, coconut flakes, or nut/seed butter. If you need a bit of extra sweetness, try going the natural route with pure maple syrup or honey.

Even yogurt, on its own, tastes better with planters nuts and chocolate trail mix. Just a sprinkling of almonds or hazelnuts, finely chopped, can add a lot to your yogurt. The extra textures and flavors are a great boon that can spice up the plainness of the yogurt.

Italian Cooking

Garlic bread is a staple, and it’s one of the easiest savory side dishes. Have you ever considered using an almond or brazil nut spread on your bread, in place of store-bought margarine or butter? Just grind up the nuts you want to use, and then add them to some oil to make a tasty, super healthy spread.

Many times, pasta can be better by having something that contrasts with the softness of it once it’s cooked. Sprinkling in some hazelnut, particularly into pasta that features chili, can add that small amount of crunch and a lot of thickness that would otherwise be lacking. This can also help you make your macros, considering the level of carbs that are naturally going to be a part of pasta.

Pesto sauce is better with grilled meat and walnuts. Risotto goes very well with some crushed macadamia nuts. Frittata has a great backup band that features feta cheese, tomato, and roasted pine nuts.

Strange Things

Everyone knows you can just snack on some pistachios or other nuts any time. The snacking angle has been thoroughly covered. Nuts can also be an appetizer at the beginning of dinner. Of course, there are times when you can replace something carb-rich with nuts.

Many people like having meat and potatoes as a meal. But then, what if you found out you could replace potato with some roasted chestnuts at dinner? The snacking possibilities that involve nuts are nearly unlimited because you can add them to virtually anything you can think of.

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