Curing Pain, Anxiety, and Mental Illness: What Cannabidiol Can and Can’t Do

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Curing Pain, Anxiety, and Mental Illness: What Cannabidiol Can and Can’t Do

It is not uncommon to experience anxiety at some stage in our lives. It’s a normal coping mechanism our body undergoes whenever we leave our comfort zones. However, intense anxiety may result in depression, which may lead to mental illness and long-lasting pain. This condition is difficult to treat once it becomes chronic.

Effects associated with anxiety include low back pain, headache, irritable bowels and nerve pain. The need to find a cure for anxiety, pain and mental illness early is therefore crucial. Cannabidiol oil has been used to treat this disorders. It is important to know what the Cannabidiol can and cannot do to avoid settling for low as well as disappointments. Here is a list of what Cannabidiol can do.

Relieves Pain

back pain

The use of Marijuana to treat pain dates back centuries of years ago. Scientists discovered cannabidiol in marijuana. Commonly known as CBD oil, the element has pain-relieving effects. Studies have shown that using Cannabidiol oil help curb chronic pain through impacting endocannabinoid receptor which is responsible for releasing pain sensory hormones.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression


Usually, anxiety and depression are treated using pharmaceutical drugs which have a number of side effects which include: drowsiness, agitation, headache and sexual dysfunction. Cannabidiol has shown it can be relied upon to cure both anxiety and depression.

Cannabidiol has the ability to impact brain serotonin and receptors which are responsible for regulating mood and social behavior. Since the oil is natural, it has less side effect such as addiction leading to many accepting its use.

Treats Mental Disorders

mental health

Studies have shown that Cannabidiol has the ability to act on brain signaling and the endocannabinoid systems. This has benefits to those suffering from brain illness because the use of Cannabidiol oil improves quality of life and sleep. Persons suffering from epilepsy and Parkinson syndromes are advised to use CBD.

Tumor Treatment

Using Cannabidiol oil in the right proportion has anti-tumor results. Studies have shown that cannabidiol can be used to prevent the spread of prostate, breast, colon, lung and brain cancer. This helps curb pain associated with such illness and mental disorder as a result of brain cancer.

Benefits the Heart

heart health

Anxiety has been associated with high blood pressure and depression which posses harmful effects on the heart. However, using cannabidiol oil regulates blood circulatory system, lower blood pressure and maintain normal heart beating rates. This prevents a number of health risks such as stroke and heart attacks.

Although it is extracted from cannabis, cannabidiol;

Does Not Cause A High


While cannabidiol is the main ingredient in the marijuana plant, using cannabidiol oil does not cause you to get high, nor is it addictive. This is because cannabidiol does not react on brain receptors which are responsible for hallucinations experience, so while you can reap the benefits of cannabidiol, you need not worry about ruining your drug-free rep. It’s basically just a plant extract that can help you immensely.

Cannabidiol has been found to have the ability to cure many health disorders such as cancer, depression, mental illness, and anxiety. However, before starting using cannabidiol products you should consult with your doctor. Though intense studies about cannabidiol are still being done to determine its safety and efficacy, recent studies show cannabidiol has the ability to treat pain, anxiety and mental illness.

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