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Considerations When Buying CBD Products from Online Dispensary Canada

The Complete Herbal Guide / Everyday Solutions  / Considerations When Buying CBD Products from Online Dispensary Canada

Considerations When Buying CBD Products from Online Dispensary Canada

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the several cannabinoids or active compounds in the cannabis or marijuana plant. The best among the hundreds of cannabinoids in the plant is called THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol – the compound in cannabis that makes users high. However, if it’s helpful, note that there’s only trace amounts of THC in CBD oil if you’re concerned and this won’t make you high.

After the legalization of cannabis in various states, there’s been a growing number of companies that produce CBD products – which brings about both good and bad news. The good side of this is you have a plethora of choices to purchase your CBD products from and the bad news is that it will be more challenging to sort through these choices and find the most reliable products.

Consumers of CBD buy them for the relief of pain, to eliminate anxiety and to improve sleep. If you’re among those customers who plan to purchase CBD products from online dispensaries in Canada, here are some considerations to keep in mind.

First, know your reason for buying CBD and in what form (drop, pill or topical)

It’s just logical to understand why you want to purchase such a product. CBD is being pushed to have plenty of health benefits and some research might suggest its effectiveness in alleviating pain and even in treating opioid addiction. Based on your reason for purchasing, experts recommend the forms you may need. For quick relief of pain or anxiety, inhaling CBD using a vape pen is said to work most effectively. If you want the effects in a few minutes, using oil drops under your tongue may help. The effect of topical lotions may vary among users while CBD in edible products is expected to kick in its effects longer. Check out XpressGrass for different forms of CBD products.

Determine the amount of THC in the product

This step is particularly crucial if you want to avoid the head-high effects of THC and in determining the effectiveness of the product. This step will also help you in narrowing down the places from where to buy it. Research says that the efficacy of CBD is enhanced when combined with a little THC without getting you high. If you want something like that, you may consider looking for CBD derived from hemp. Dispensaries offer CBD products that have low THC levels in various forms including vaping liquids, tinctures, oils and topical.


Request for test results

Ask for a product’s certificate of analysis or COA. This document contains information on the product’s test results for THC and CBD levels as well as data on the presence of contaminants. If an online dispensary refuses to provide you with such information, it would be wiser to avoid it.

Check the CBD amount in the product

Watch out for products that show the amount of CBD in each dose and not just in the bottle. Be careful with products that include only the total CBD in the product and not the specific amount of CBD in them. Some manufacturers may use this kind of labeling in the hope that it won’t gain much scrutiny from the FDA. Some products that don’t indicate the CBD amount in their labels promote themselves as “full spectrum” hemp products. They may also claim that their products have levels of other compounds like various fatty acids.

Be familiar with terms that appear on the label

Some product labels say that they were extracted using “CO2 process”, which means that the cannabidiol and other ingredients weren’t extracted using chemical solvents but with the help of highly-pressurized carbon dioxide. This method may extract not only CBD but also other cannabinoids. Other products may be advertised as taken from “hemp oil” which also means CBD oil to some companies. But “hemp oil” more frequently refers to oil taken from the seeds of the plant, which contains only minimal quantities of CBD. This kind of oil is usually used in cosmetics and hemp-based soaps.

Watch out for products with wild health claims

Claiming that products can treat even minor problems is legal only for prescription drugs because they have undergone various testing methods for their safety and effectiveness. Be wary of manufacturers that promote their CBD products as a prime healer of cancer for instance.

Avoid vaping products containing propylene glycol

Vape pens are convenient because they’re portable and easy to use. However, the concentrated oils present in CBD vape pens may include propylene glycol, which when burned, can transform into formaldehyde, a harmful chemical that irritates the eyes and nose and may increase the risk of cancer and asthma.

In summary, there are some things to consider when purchasing CBD products from online dispensaries in Canada. These considerations will ensure that you get only the best quality and appropriate CBD product for you.


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Janice Killey


Janice has a wealth of experience and training. She holds a Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Master of Arts (Counselling), Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ASH) and is a Registered Psychologist at Psychologists Southern Sydney. She’s also a member of the Australian Psychological Society.