Are You an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner?

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Are You an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner?

The way you treat your pets and care for them has significant impacts on the environment. However, this does not mean that keeping pets is bad for the environment. In fact, there are many ways to keep your pets healthy and happy while preserving the environment. Here are some of the things that depict you as an eco-friendly pet owner.

Recycling Pet Food Cans

Recycling is one of the best environmental conservation tricks. Just like you recycle yogurt cups and delivery boxes, food cans for your dog and cat can be recycled. If you do that already, you are an eco-friendly pet owner. Recycling wet pet food cans are very easy and there are many companies that are using them to package their products. In fact, some companies use post-consumer packaging materials. When shopping for pet foods, conduct a little research to find companies that use recyclable packaging materials. Buying from brands that use recyclable pet food cans enables you to contribute to environmental conservation.

Smart Pet Waste Disposal

In the past, most people used plastic bags to scoop poop from the ground and clear waste from pet litter boxes. But, that time is long gone and doing this endangers the environment. If you are no longer doing this, you are an eco-friendly pet owner. Plastic bags take decades to decompose. This makes using them bad for the environment. Today, there are smart pet waste disposal products that are eco-friendly and easy to use. Choose biodegradable or compostable items when purchasing pet poop disposal items at the pet store. Pet litter boxes that are made from wheat, corn, and wood or eco-friendly paper are the best option.


Eco-friendly Pet Toys

If you have eco-friendly pet toys in your home, you are an eco-friendly pet owner. Most modern innovations have been made with the environment in mind. For instance, some students opt to complete online assignment as a way to reduce paper wastes in the environment. To be an eco-friendly pet owner, think in the same direction when it comes to pet toys. Choose environmental friendly toys and accessories are that are made of sustainable fabrics, organic components, and vegetable dyes. Giving your pets plastic toys can harm them and the environment. If you can’t afford the products that are available in the market, get creative with DIY ideas on how to make sustainable pet toys and accessories. There is a lot of information online that you can use to create eco-friendly toys for your pets.

Environmental friendly Pet Cleaning and Grooming Products

There are many pet cleaning and grooming products that you will find attractive at the pet stores. However, not all of them are safe for the environment. In fact, most of these products are made with toxic ingredients and chemicals that can harm your pets and the environment. Therefore, take the time to conduct some research on the products that you buy. Choosing organic pet cleaning and grooming products depicts you as an eco-friendly pet owner. In addition to the products that are sold in pet stores, there are eco-friendly pet cleaning and grooming solutions that you can easily prepare at home. If unsure of the organic pet cleaning and grooming products to buy, get advice from a pet professional.

Donating Used Pet Items

Having heaps of used pet items around can endanger the environment in many ways. Disposing of them might not be the best way to preserve the environment. Instead of stuffing gently used pet items in the home or waste bin, donate them to animal shelters in your area. There are many pet shelters out there that need donations in form of blankets, toys, towels, and bedding among other items. Finding such animal shelters and making your donations there depicts you as an eco-friendly pet owner. Donating used pet items to animal shelters goes a long way in making other pets happy and preserving the environment.


Keeping Cats Indoors

Despite their friendliness, cats can act quite fiercely and cause serious harm to other pets like birds. In fact, cats are among the major causes of bird mortality in the U.S. While you may love the cat more than the birds, don’t forget that both are an important part of the eco-system. Thus, they should co-exist peacefully.  Keeping your cat in the house ensures the safety of birds. If unable to keep the cat locked up, put a bell on its collar so that birds can know when the cat is near.

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