7 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Physiotherapy

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7 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is often used as an alternative to drugs, medication, or surgery, and sometimes as a supplement to these after an injury or a congenital physical deformity. Physical therapy or physiotherapy itself does not involve any medication and is purely focused on the health and wellbeing of a person through minor to major adjustments in lifestyle with the help of various exercises and manual techniques. Physiotherapy involves alleviating or managing pain and aiding movements through various exercises and practices.

It is possible that you can develop and design your own physiotherapy regime but it is better to consult trained professionals. A trained physiotherapist will help you identify the focal areas and suggest you preferred techniques and exercises to overcome the specific problem. Their training and experience can not only help you overcome the problem but also prove advantageous for your overall wellbeing.

Physiotherapy is instrumental in dealing with neurological, neuromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory troubles. It means that anything from a stroke and sports injury to the heart and pulmonary diseases can be better managed with the help of physiotherapy. It also covers a wide range of issues that a human being can encounter throughout a lifetime. Therefore, we are going to explore why everyone should consult a physiotherapist for different pain-related issues.

In this article, you’ll learn and discover why everyone needs physiotherapy.

Pain Reduction or Elimination

We all do experience pain at least once in a lifetime. Sometimes the pain goes away on its own, sometimes it goes away when the underlying cause is treated and sometimes the pain persists for weeks or months. Such pain could be either due to lifestyle practices or some medical condition. In such cases, instead of taking long-term pain relief medications, it is better to consult a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist has a variety of practices at his/her disposal that can help with pain reduction and even elimination without any drugs or surgical intervention. Electrical stimulation, taping, and joint and soft tissue mobilization are few of the techniques that physiotherapists employ for pain management.

Mobility Improvement

You may experience trouble in moving either due to injury or an accident or your static or inactive lifestyle. The human body has been designed to be active for a specific amount of time on a regular basis and if that is not happening, your various bodily functions will start getting affected. If you are having trouble in your movement either due to injury or lifestyle, then physiotherapy can help you deal with it effectively. A physiotherapist will suggest you various stretching and strengthening exercises and have you practice those in his/her presence. In case your body is not comfortable with those exercises, some alternative can be recommended. In addition, a physiotherapist can also suggest some supplementary aid for movement in case of severe mobility issues.

Recovery from Stroke or Surgery

Physiotherapy is extremely important in regaining normal body movement and preventing any anomaly in the bodily functions after a stroke or surgery. Depending upon the severity of stroke or surgery, any of the body organs/parts can be affected. A physiotherapist can also be your emotional counselor as he can motivate you against giving up. So, if someone (a doctor) advises you to go to a physiotherapist after a stroke or surgery, then comply with the advice, as it will greatly benefit you.

Recovery or Prevention from Sports Injury

If you are an athlete then you must be aware of how even the slightest injury can interfere with your strength and performance. For this reason, physiotherapists are in high demand with individual athletes and sports teams. You can safely say that sports physiotherapy has a world of its own. Majority of the professional athletes have a physiotherapist in their team. Physiotherapy for athletes ensures that they recover well from an injury or in most cases, there are exercises and routines that help prevent sports injury. For an athlete, nothing is more important than to stay healthy and perform exceptionally well.

Improved Balance

You may experience balance issues due to a fracture or an injury. Vestibular physiotherapy is the use of various techniques and exercises to treat the body’s equilibrium problems. If walking or standing makes you feel dizzy or you find it difficult to maintain your balance, it is best to consult a physiotherapist. This is also necessary for those who are in recovery phase from a spinal cord injury.

Heart and Pulmonary Disease Management

Physiotherapy is also instrumental in recovery of people who are struggling with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. There are techniques and exercises specifically for the improvement in the body’s strength, endurance and stamina. In case of pulmonary problems, there are physiotherapy techniques that result in strengthening the lungs and also in clearing fluid from the lungs.

Women’s Health

Physiotherapy greatly influences the women’s health and especially reproductive health. There are specific pelvic floor exercises that help strengthen the pelvic muscles. Strong pelvic floor muscles help avoid pregnancy complications. Physiotherapy also helps deal with urinary incontinence and pelvic pain, something that women experience on a regular basis due to their anatomy. If you cannot hire a physiotherapist for a long-term, do consider learning such important exercises from a physiotherapist to improve quality of your life.

The Final Word

You may require physiotherapy at any stage of your life. It is not necessary that you only go to a physiotherapist when you develop some disease, any trouble in movement or wants to recover from an injury. Physiotherapy can help you know your body better and as a result, improve your quality of life by decreasing chances of injuries and ailments. Therefore, do consider having a few sessions with a trained physiotherapist every once in a while. You won’t regret investing time, effort and money in this healthy activity.

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