5 Interesting Facts About Sativa You Should Know

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5 Interesting Facts About Sativa You Should Know

If you’ve used marijuana before, you’ll know that not all weed is the same. There are at least 779 different cannabis strains around, and they all feel slightly different. One of the best-known varieties of marijuana is called Sativa. Sativa is known for having a strong uplifting effect on users and has higher levels of THC than some other strains. Interested in learning more about Sativa? Read on for 5 cool facts about Sativa you should know.


It Has Many Health Benefits

Medical marijuana has serious health benefits and Sativa is a commonly used variant. Sativa strains have many great health benefits as they can help with mental health and behavioral issues. It can also be used to treat people recovering from eating disorders such as anorexia and aid them in refeeding. It can also be useful in treating patients with cancer as it stimulates the appetite.


It Has a Different High

When people think of different weed strains, they often think of Indica vs Sativa. But the two strains have different effects and don’t offer the same experience. With indica, you can expect more of a body high and will put you into a more relaxed state. But the Sativa high is totally different. With Sativa, you can expect it to lift up your mood and give you a stronger head high. It can also leave you feeling more energized and less likely to sink into the couch after taking it.


It’s Low in CBD

When people think of CBD, they often associate it with marijuana. This is because CBD is a component of marijuana, but it’s not always the same. Indica is higher in CBD, which can be used to treat many health issues such as epilepsy and it can help with pain management. But sativa is lower in CBD, and instead has higher levels of THC.  A hybrid of both Sativa and Indica can be very useful for pain relief and appetite stimulation, as it offers the best of both strains to patients.

It Originates Near the Equator

The origins of Sativa can be found in countries near the Equator. This is because the plant thrives in warm and humid climates, and this is the perfect environment for it. You will most commonly find this plant growing naturally in countries such as Mexico, Columbia, and across South East Asia.

Marijuana Terpenes

They Can Grow Up to 20 Feet High

Sativa plants are known for the fact that they can grow incredibly high – up to 20 feet! They also have long and narrow green leaves with branches spread out. Note that they only tend to grow this high when they are grown outdoors. It takes anywhere between 9 and 12 weeks for the plant to grow and be ready for cultivation and harvesting.

Now You Know the Best Facts About Sativa!

After reading this, you now know 5 of the best facts about Sativa! Next time you smoke up, you’ll be much better informed about it and have a whole new appreciation for Sativa. Curious about the benefits of CBD oil? Check out our blog section for more great articles.


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