5 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

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5 Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

If you look at it theoretically, weight loss doesn’t seem that much of a challenge:

  • Watch what you might be eating
  • Sweat regularly
  • Relish the pleasures of being a fitter and healthier version of you.

However, in reality, the endeavor for weight loss might not be that simple.

In fact, a lot of people report zero weight burn despite doing all the right things. The most dreaded situation occurs when certain people involved in a weight loss regime report losing weight at first, but after a while, they reach the weight loss-plateau where no amount of efforts seem to make a difference to their weight.

We all can imagine how mind-numbingly frustrating it might be when a person cuts their diet to a T, exercises regularly, gets their sleep patterns right, but they fail miserably in dropping any significant amount of pounds.

Well, for all you people stuck at one single digit on their scale, we want to say, just hang in there. Just keep in mind that weight loss is not a goal, but a journey.

Below you will find the most common mistake people make while striving for weight loss. This might be that one thing you are most certainly doing wrong, and it may be standing in your way without you even realizing/considering it.

You’re Eating More than You Think!

The worst mistake that you can make while following a weight loss regime is that you might not be keeping an accurate track of your calories. We all know how one of the most important factors in weight loss is calorie intake rate versus calorie burn rate. It is possible that you think you are eating significantly less, or are very good with following your prescribed diet plan, but in reality, you are simply underestimating how many calories you are actually taking each day.

Recently, a research paper was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association which bought to light the fact that people highly underestimate or overlook their calorie intake while dieting.

Here is how you can carefully keep a count of how many calories you might be taking each day.

How to Cleanse Your Daily Diet

Identify the number of calories you actually need

Use an online calorie intake calculator, or ask your weight loss mentor how many calories might be sufficient for you to go through the day in a healthy manner, while also supporting weight burn.

Start writing your daily food intake journal

A regularly updated food journal might bring more positive effects to your weight loss pursuit than you think it might. It actually does make a big difference. When you write a daily food journal, you are forced to see through your careless eating habits and makes you honest about your eating. You can also use an online calorie tracking program as your daily food diary.

Analyze your diet

Tracking your calories is important, but finding sound alternatives to your basic binge-friendly foods also holds a lot of significance that can bring change to your overall diet routine.

Detox yourself

You can opt for various detoxifying drinks to keep your body toxin-free and healthy. One of the most effective ways of detoxification for your body is the Red Tea Detox Program at supplementinspectors.com/red-tea-detox-program,   it was created to aid people from all over the world to feel enhanced energy for exercising and working out, lose weight (especially stubborn belly fat), boost their immune systems, and feel more in charge of their health decisions. This program has had various benefits reported from all corners of the world.

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