10 Invigorating Essential Oils + How To Use Them

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10 Invigorating Essential Oils + How To Use Them

You’ve probably lathered peppermint on your body and used Frankincense oil on your face but these are many of the few things such oils provide. From muscle relaxer, natural toners to treatments; essential oils always come handy. They smell great and are 100% natural (it is a simple liquid with volatile aroma compounds obtained from plants).

In this article, you’ll learn about 10 invigorating essential oils and how to use them.  Here are our most essential picks for you to make the most of such miraculous oils.

lemon peel

Lemon Oil

It is identified with cleanliness and freshness mainly because of its light, zesty scent and mode of action. It is a powerful astringent, antibacterial, and antiseptic agent.  You can apply diluted lemon oil on your face or body as its extremely effective for toning, diminishing wrinkles and repairing the skin.

lavender oil

Lavender Oil

One of the common essential oils is lavender oil because it is relaxing, soothing and smells great. It is known for good sleep, treating back pain, natural muscle relaxer and for the nervous system. You can rub it on your back for pain or wrists and pillows before sleep to aid sleep and help soothe mild anxiety.


Oil of Oregano

Oregano is no exception when we say that herbs are powerful. It is magic for healing. It consists of antifungal, antiparasitic, antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Make sure to mix it in a carrier oil like coconut and jojoba before use because it’s very strong. You can apply it to kill infections, nail fungus. If you are congested, add it to hot water and breathe.

tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil comes from tea trees that only grow naturally in Australia. They are used as a multi-purpose remedy all over the world and are used for skin maladies such as acne, dandruff, and cuts due to their antiseptic properties. It is also used to kill molds, cure foot fungus and disinfect toothbrushes. It kills oral bacteria so adding a little in your mouthwash is a great idea!

peppermint oil

Peppermint Oil

Since the ancient times of Greeks and Egyptians, peppermint oil has been considered a homeopathic treatment. Owing to its cleansing and soothing properties, it is already an ingredient in many hair and skin care products. You can inhale it for respiratory illness, treat your indigestion and stomach problems with it as well.


Juniper Oil

Juniper oil is known for centuries for its medicinal benefits. It is used in many creams and lotions that are manufactured for dermatitis and eczema. In case you’re suffering from it, applying it to your skin is a good option. Also, you can use it to treat muscle and joint pain.


Frankincense Essential Oil

This essential oil has some serious therapeutic benefits and also gives stress-relief aromatherapy. It has anti-aging, skin healing benefits, and is great for skin so don’t forget to mix it in your facial creams or serum. It is also antiseptic and antibacterial so use it to scent laundry soap, house cleaners. Mix it in baking soda for natural toothpaste.

 clary sage

Clary Sage

Clary sage possesses beneficial properties for the skin being an astringent, antiseptic, antibacterial, and improves circulation. It is also known for its reputed ability to regulate hormones and antidepressant effects. You can use it to alleviate depression by breathing diffused clary sage or mix it with lavender and marjoram to alleviate menstrual pain.

Eucalyptus essential oil


Eucalyptus essential oil is great for clearing your airways and boosts your immune system super quickly. It is also capable of killing bacteria, insects, mites, fungus, and weeds. Diffuse this oil at home to use it as a bug repellent and make the air feel clean.

Rosemary-Essential-Oil-Uses (1)

Rosemary Oil

It is commonly found in natural, skin care products to extend their life. Rosemary oil is a stimulant and boosts your immune system. You can also decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your by simply diffusing and inhaling it.

Importance of Buying High-Quality Essential Oils

Not all essential oils are created equal. To purchase quality essential oils that are best suited for your particular needs and budget, there are a number of important factors to keep in mind. While we might like to assume that all oils— beautifully and professionally packaged and sold in seemingly reputable stores—are of the same quality, we’d be doing ourselves a disservice.

In reality, many factors affect the quality of essential oil. And quality, in turn, affects therapeutic value (or, in simpler terms, the outcome of your desired result).

Spend some time learning about the different factors that can affect the quality of your essential oils so that you know what to look for when buying essential oils.  Read labels and do a little research yourself before you buy just any brand.

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