Do I Really Need to See The Dentist Regularly?

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Do I Really Need to See The Dentist Regularly?

Is it true, do I really need to see the dentist regularly?

They say that a smile is a person’s mightiest weapon. It can neutralize the meanest of enemies and melt the strongest of hearts. This simple muscle-flex holds power to change the vibes. Experts and researchers claim that apart from a person’s mood, reason and intent to smile, there is one factor that is utmost important for a sincere smile—Teeth.

Teeth are a crucial part of our cosmetic appearance, and we cannot just ignore their upkeep. We have tonnes of things to take care of, and the only visible set of bones should be on top of our priority list (or near it).

Be it daily tasks of chomping down your favorite snacks, passing a smile to every person you pass by, and let’s not forget the confidence factor—all these tasks would be nothing less than a struggle if our oral health is not up to the mark. To keep that in check, visiting a dentist is crucial. Many dental clinics are striving to present the gift of perfect smiles to patients. For instance, Craig H. Etts Dental Clinic in Florida is solely working on fixing smiles up.


Why should I keep tabs on my Oral Hygiene?

Well, to just put it, oral hygiene is the foundation to a healthy body. The food you eat has to pass your mouth before it reaches the digestive system, and bad oral health could leave you prone to millions of diseases and infections—digestion problems, intestinal infections, mouth ulcers and evidently—tooth decay. Keeping a tab on oral hygiene is not just restricted to white teeth and perfect smile; it dictates your bodily health as well.

If you are looking to keep tabs on your oral hygiene, do note that charity begins at home. It’s implied to brush our teeth twice a day and floss them as well. Be it in childhood or adulthood, and oral health should always be on top of our priority list.

But what if it’s too late?

Life’s experiences teach us a more significant lesson than anything else. We don’t know what’s going on with our oral health and then we look in the mirror, we realize that it’s too late to say cheese. At this point of time, experts at Craig H. Etts Dental Clinic, who are maestros of cosmetic and general dentistry, come into play.

Now would be the right time to get a pan-oral-health checkup done, and here’s how things go when you visit the dentists regularly. An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but one dentist checkup every month keeps your teeth healthy, wealthy and white.

Here’s how Monthly Dental Checkups go

One visits the gym to keep his/her body fit, and monthly dental checkups do just that. Working on the philosophy of “prevention is better than cure,” monthly dental checkups are all about checking your oral habits—whether you’re doing it right or not, is there something wrong with your teeth and gums, or if the dentist just identified a trend of severe tooth decay.

Even if you leave the bad part aside, a dentist’s checkup involves keeping your teeth nice and clean. And if it’s too late for that, then cosmetic dentistry has your back. We are going to go through every one of these routine things that happen at the dentist’s when you visit each month. Here’s how it goes:

The Teeth Checkup

Everything is sunshine and rainbows. You wake up one sunny morning and decide to go to the dentist. Yes, your breath smells just fine, and your gums are as good as they can ever be. But did you know that most of the dental problems begin without any symptoms at all? You can’t detect problems with the naked eye but the dentist can.

For this reason, the initial checkup starts with a 360-degree examination. Cavities begin with negligible hindrance and build up to be the most painful problem. To identify holes, dentists use advanced microscopic tools, and if they’re found, there’s an effort to stop them, then and there.

The Gum Checkup

After teeth come to the gum checkup, which identifies problems before they can even happen. Most of the oral diseases begin from the root, i.e. the gums. For a dentist, the only way to stop them before they take a toll on oral health is to identify from the sources. In many instances, grave concerns like oral cancer are prevented from recording gum trend.

Diagnosing the Problem

The human body is a complex mechanism, and if we visit the dentist after long intervals, there’s a good chance that we’re prone to some deadly (or not-so-deadly) oral diseases. The problem diagnosis is utmost, and a dentist takes counteractive steps to either fix the problem or stop it before it scales up a notch.

What might look like severe oral pain could turn out to be a wisdom tooth in disguise? Bleeding gums are problems that don’t have one-stop solutions. These ailments have to be cured by following the whole procedure, and dentists are the best people to do so. Let the dentists do their thing, and they’ll fix up your oral hygiene in a matter of few sittings.

What’s Cosmetic Dentistry?

Have you lost a tooth? Are teeth coming out like it’s a haywire forest? Don’t know what to do? The branch of cosmetic dentistry is here to help you out. A dentist’s job is not just restricted to maintaining oral hygiene and good breath, but to enhance your confidence.

Remember the Craig H. Etts Dental Clinic we talked about before? They’re masters of smile makeovers. If you feel that your teeth are stopping you from something, you got to consult them, and your smile can be fixed up in no time, thanks to cosmetic dentistry.

Oral Health’s No Joke!

Taking care of your mouth is not easy, and if you don’t do enough, it might backfire in the long run. Visit the dentist every day, brush twice a day and feel good!

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