Emergency Dental Care: How to Get the Best Services For Your Teeth {+At-Home Natural Remedies}

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Emergency Dental Care: How to Get the Best Services For Your Teeth {+At-Home Natural Remedies}

In this article, you’ll learn and discover how to get the best services for your teeth using emergency dental care, including some at-home natural remedies.

In order to lead a normal, healthy life, you need to have strong healthy teeth and gums. The subject of Dentistry revolves around the aspect of keeping our mouth, including the natural molars, free from diseases and functionally normal.

Professionals who provide us with clinical help in this aspect are called dentists. Considering the annoying pace with which various dental problems are affecting people in the world, it is really difficult to imagine a life without the Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care


Dental emergencies need to be treated at the earliest to prevent the situation from manifesting into more serious complications which may result in permanent damage to the teeth. By virtue of being an emergency, such situations may arise at any point of time including after work hours or late in the night. During odd hours there is every possibility of individuals being unable to locate a full-fledged dentistry that offers immediate intervention. The need for a quick appointment is of paramount importance to handle such requirements.

Immediate Intervention

Healthy Dental Hygiene

Most offices offer immediate intervention for individuals who may have required urgent attention for dental emergencies. Not only is same day appointment possible, depending upon the criticality of the situation or the need to alleviate pain quick intervention this also offered for certain cases. This will come as a huge relief to individuals who may not be in a position to quickly locate an expert and qualified specialist to handle the situation. After the pain issues have been addressed, the patient can then wait for follow up procedures which will be necessary to fully resolve the issue.

Different Dental Emergencies


There are many types of dental emergencies that are typically handled by an emergency dentist. This includes…

  • Broken tooth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Sudden inflammation of the gums
  • Swelling of the face
  • Any tooth trauma as a result of a sporting activity
  • Lost Fillings
  • Pain as a result of wisdom teeth growth
  • A severe toothache
  • Broken Denture
  • Tooth abscess

Most dentistry offers emergency services for all of the above problems that may require urgent specialist intervention. The best option that is open to individuals who says such situations is to immediately get in touch with a specialist dentistry and seek an appointment by listing out the problem.

State Of The Art Equipment

One of the benefits of using the services of the specialist dentistry is that the procedures are carried out with state of the art equipment and advanced diagnostics. Which means that in addition to offering relief from pain and discomfort, the actual problem will be identified and treated accordingly. The use of advanced imaging equipment helps the specialist dentist to identify the problem correctly and then decide on the most suitable treatment for resolving the issue at the earliest. The use of the latest techniques and cutting-edge technology help in reducing the discomfort of patients.

Natural Remedies for Dental Problems

Here are some amazing natural remedies for dental, many of which are still used today.

Natural antimicrobials


Honey: One of the most common natural remedies used today is pure honey, which lasts indefinitely. The inherent peroxide in honey makes it one of the best antibacterial and antiviral natural products. Honey helps heal wounds, both inside and outside of the mouth, and it can act as a barrier, contributing to the prevention of infection and keeping wounds moist while healing. As early as 1201, there are records of honey being traded in Riga, Latvia, and used for healing. Today, the use of honey as a salve helps heal canker sores or minor gum and tongue sores.


Thyme essential oil

Thyme: The proliferation of thyme in my garden has made me curious about its medicinal properties. Ancient Romans and Greeks used it topically to relieve aches, pains, and sprains. Oil of thyme, available at health-food stores, causes blood to rise to the surface of the skin and can be applied to toothaches.


Garlic: Garlic paste has been used for centuries for throbbing toothaches. You can either mash a clove of garlic and add a pinch of salt before applying to the throbbing area or chew a clove two or three times a day. Some claim that, after the initial application, the user grows accustomed to the pungent smell of garlic.

Clove: Oil of clove has antibacterial properties and is also a folk remedy for toothaches. Eugenol, an extract from the clove bud, is a natural analgesic, and after its initial sting, users claim relief from pain. Originating in Indonesia, the clove plant was brought to Africa centuries ago. In Africa, tribes such as the Bemba and the Zula scratch the dried flower buds. The result is a volatile oil that can be placed directly on the toothache.

Swelling and bleeding

witch hazel

Witch hazel: Witch hazel is among the Native American folk remedies introduced to early settlers of the United States.  A cloth soaked in witch-hazel tea is said to reduce swelling and control bleeding after extractions.

Inflamed gums


Arnica: The British, French, and Germans have used Arnica for more than 200 years. More recently (within the past 50 years or so), dental patients have used it before, during, and after dental procedures. The claim is that it aids in the healing of open wounds. Placing four 6C Arnica pills (purchasable online or in a health-food store) under the tongue for up to an hour prior to a dental procedure is believed to help with healing.

Aphthous ulcers


Goldenseal: Native Americans introduced the power of goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) to the early American explorer. Using a rinse made from one teaspoon dissolved in water or applying the goldenseal powder directly to the gums is believed to be effective for many gum problems, including canker sores.

Inflammation, perio, and caries

Blackberry roots-Periodontal disease and its resulting loose teeth have always been a problem. In past centuries, English herbalists had a unique solution. They chopped blackberry roots and boiled them in vinegar for half an hour, and they would advise their patients to wash their teeth with the warmed liquid three times a day. It was claimed that after three weeks, the teeth were no longer shaky.

Experienced Specialists


Dentists should exemplify themselves in a professional manner with extensive experience in various disciplines of dentistry. This means that regardless of the nature of the dentistry you can look forward to the best treatment.  As mentioned above dental emergencies can be due to any reasons and may require the services of particular specialists to handle the problem. In combination with the use of superior materials and sophisticated technology, the treatment offers better outcomes.

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