Top 5 Cancer Beating Herbs

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Top 5 Cancer Beating Herbs

Using herbs as part of cancer treatment is becoming more common. Alternative medical treatments are generally safer and can still deliver results. It’s currently estimated that 54% of patients will have used some form of herb when going through chemotherapy.

This is important for doctors and the medical profession is starting to take notice of that. In time there’s a chance the mainstream medical profession will go as far as to recommend certain natural cancer treatments.

So what are the 5 main cancer-beating herbs you should take into account?



Garlic is one of the most popular herbs for cancer sufferers to take. And many studies have shown a link between a lower risk of cancer development and the consumption of raw garlic.

One study investigated whether the population of China could lower their risk of developing lung cancer by consuming raw garlic. The results were startling.

There was a link between those who consumed raw garlic and lower cancer rates.

Burdock Root

burdock root

Burdock root has long been a popular cancer treatment in various parts of Asia and Russia. In one study regarding using burdock root and burdock seeds to fight breast cancer in women, scientists discovered that the active ingredient Arctigenin can stop tumor development.

This active ingredient can kill tumor cells that are low in nutrients. And this plant doesn’t have a toxic effect on the rest of the body’s cells.

Grape Seeds

grape seed

Grape seeds are another common natural treatment for cancer treatment.

These seeds contain phytochemicals that have been shown to have anti-tumor characteristics. The key is that these anti-cancer benefits can be isolated from the seeds and made into natural pharmaceutical treatments.

For example, proanthocyanidins have been known to stop the spread of pancreatic cancer cells. This is a major breakthrough!

 Ginger Root

Ginger tea

Within ginger root, you have an active ingredient known as gingerol. Mesothelioma survivor Paul Kraus is especially interested in herbs like this because they have been shown to stop and prevent certain cancers.

They have also been found to cause cancer cell death, reduce inflammation, and reinforce the immune system to prevent the further spread of cancer.

Find out more about Paul’s thoughts on cancer-fighting foods and information of the mesothelioma cancer he has fought so successfully, through here.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera has been used since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Today it’s also shown a number of benefits in beating cancer.

Early studies into aloe vera have demonstrated that this natural treatment can kill bladder cancer cells. Some clinical studies have gone as far as to conclude that aloe vera can disrupt the life cycle of cancer cells.

Last Word – Beating Cancer the Natural Way

These five alternative cancer treatments have all demonstrated their ability to attack cancer cells directly, boost the immune system, and prevent the further spread of cancer.

Although the mainstream medical profession has yet to take notice, more and more patients are starting to use herbs as an alternative and more natural way of treating their cancer.

Do you believe that cancer patients should be turning to these natural cancer treatments to improve their life expectancies?

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