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MARK WEIS, MD is a nationally recognized anti-aging physician and medical writer from Manhattan, Kansas who resides in Tucson, Arizona.  A veteran medical missionary, Weis received his undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas, graduating with honors in Human Biology and Literature.

He received his doctorate in Medicine and medical training at the University Of Kansas School Of Medicine. He has had a distinguished career in family and urgent care/emergency medicine—a career that has included numerous local volunteer activities—and he also served his country as a civilian physician for the US Army, including a senior leadership role for the U.S. Army’s PTSD and suicide prevention program (RESPECT-Mil) at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

The survivor of a highly malignant brain tumor, Dr. Weis now lives in Tucson where he divides his time between serving as the Chief Medical Officer of Canyon Health—an innovative Tucson specialty clinic that serves patients suffering from weight, chronic pain, and aging-related medical problems with hormone-based solutions; and being CEO of Fountain of Youth MD—a progressive anti-aging company that trains physicians and other medical providers to practice longevity medicine.

Weis’s recent writing accomplishments include the thriller Lead Me Into Temptation, Over The Edge—a delightful medical comedy that provides readers a shocking and enlightening look at what really goes on at psychiatric hospitals, and My Hormones: A Simple Guide to Better and Longer Living—a health and wellness book that teaches readers about the harmful health effects of hormone imbalance and how these issues can be corrected with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Co-Author, Douglas Ginter has over 20 years in the healthcare industry.  A former CEO of an FDA licensed pharmaceutical company and current CEO of a California compounding pharmacy, CLIA certified laboratory, a physicians management company and co-creator of the Clearly Beautiful line of skin care products used exclusively by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.  Mr. Ginter is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

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