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3 Reasons You Just Can't Get Up Earlier

3 Reasons You Just Can’t Get Up Earlier

Pick up any health, fitness or self-improvement magazine and you will find a single, common recommendation applied to every imaginable goal. "Get up earlier."  "Do you want to run a marathon, lose weight, find a new job or change your life? Get up earlier." It sounds deceptively easy.  Just set the alarm earlier and get out of the bed. It sounds so obvious, many of us feel guilty that we can't just do it. The trouble is, most people who are not already early risers will not be able to follow this advice long enough to establish a habit. There are three major flaws in this advice: This recommendation is consistently given to people who are already exhausted and depleted.  We live in a society in which early morning hours are perceived as untapped,...


An Easy Gratitude Practice

Do you have a gratitude practice? People who practice gratitude experience fewer aches and pains and they report feeling healthier than other people, according to an analysis published in Personality and Individual Differences. I'm one of those people who's always liked the idea of having a gratitude practice.  You know, a time each day when you pause to consider things for which you are most grateful. I would typically set aside a few moments before I fell asleep to acknowledge something from my day that really stood out. Getting Stuck and Unstuck At first, it was easy to think of things, but then, after running through of all of the "usual suspects", I would get stuck. How could I make this a practice that was continuously authentic and meaningful and not just...

You Don't Have to Stop Before You Start

You Don’t Have to Stop Before You Start

We can get off track when we see health and wellness as an all-or-nothing endeavor. And we can really go wrong when we link two or activities that don’t really belong together. It's a mistake to assume that two practices are mutually exclusive, meaning we can do one OR the other like Drink diet Coke OR drink water, Smoke OR exercise, when in reality the items are completely separate....