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Tips On Sinus Health: Effective Ways To Keeping Sinuses Healthy

More than 20 million Americans will have at least one bout of sinusitis this year. Blockage of the channels that drain the sinuses is the main cause of this painful condition. Keeping these channels open can reduce your chances of developing the problem, while restoring drainage if they become blocked is the key to treatment, reports an issue of Harvard Men's Health Watch. Knowing The Nose Sometimes you can get ingrown hairs in your nose, you can scratch its interior lining, or illnesses can cause you to apply tissue regularly, which can rub the nose raw. Additionally, sinus pockets can become infected, impacted, or infused with phlegm. Different types of phlegm can indicate different conditions in the head. Altogether, the nose is interconnected with many other parts of...

Why a Deviated Septum Can Lead to Chronic Sinus Infections

A person’s septum, made of thin bone and cartilage, separates the nostrils into two halves. The septum is supposed to be in the center of the nose. However, injury can cause the nasal septum to move off-center. Sometimes a person is born with a septum that is off-center. It may even make the nose look crooked. When the nasal septum is deviated, or displaced, making one nasal passage smaller than the other one. A deviated septum causes many complications such as difficulty breathing, overall reduced airflow and certain bleeding issues in the nose. It can also lead to chronic sinusitis. Chronic Sinusitis Involves Inflammation in the Nasal Passages Chronic sinus infections, also called chronic sinusitis, occurs when inflammation develops in the nasal passages. The passages become...