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The Complete Herbal Guide / Osteoporosis

New Genetic Screening Can Predict Risk Of Osteoporosis And Bone Fracture

A recent study performed by researcher Stuart Kim, Ph.D., at the Stanford University of Medicine identified 899 regions in the human genome associated with low bone mineral density. Out of that number of regions, 613 had never before been identified.About 2% of people who were tested were deemed to be at high risk, meaning they were about twice as likely to experience a bone fracture in their lifetimes and 17 times more likely develop osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease that causes defects in bone production or bone loss or both. In turn, this results in a reduction of bone mass and can lead to a higher incidence of bone fractures.According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, bone fracture affects two million people every year and makes...


Milk Is NOT Good For Your Bones — This Is Why!

Do you ever crave a nice, cold glass of cow’s milk? Maybe when you are eating breakfast, indulging in a delicious dessert or when you grab a box of cereal from the cupboard? We’ve all heard about the supposed benefits of milk, especially for growing children — “it does a body good,” it builds strong bones” — and you probably had your fair share of milk growing up, at the firm advisement of your parents.The ‘Got Milk’ campaign, aimed at getting the consumer to drink more milk, launched in 1993 when milk sales were steadily dropping. We saw the popular milk mustache on athletes and celebrities, smiling and chugging away with the promise of strong bones and teeth. Milk is a must-have item on grocery...