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Acupuncture to Reclaim Health

In this article, you’ll learn the Acupuncture Life Lift to reclaim your health.

Acupuncture Life Lift

Good health is often taken for granted until it is lost. Reclaiming health can be difficult to achieve, requiring the best of both allopathic and alternative medicine. One of the most commonly sought, effective alternative therapies is the ancient art of Acupuncture.

For 4,000 years, it has helped people throughout the world to maximize innate healing capability.  It produces the highest quality of life energy, traditionally known as Qi.


Qi – The Vital Life Force

Acupuncture works by opening up the free flow of Qi throughout the body.  It restores flow where it was stuck, or deficient. Tiny needles inserted at various acupuncture points on the body create an internal balancing of energies.  This creates a summoning of self-healing Qi power.

It is a truly healing experience that organically reconnects the mind and body as it enhances spiritual awareness. It provides ample amounts of fortitude, insight, vital energy, and focus.   These are the essential tools for the establishment and maintenance of optimal health. This is the precise way of acupuncture healing, providing a “life lift” out of pain and suffering, replacing it with a solid-state of wondrous health.


Acupuncture in Primary Care

Acupuncture is becoming more fully integrated within the American healthcare system. Acupuncturists are highly trained in Chinese medicine theory, diagnosis, and treatment, Chinese food therapy, Qigong exercise, safety, and precaution procedures, as well as biomedicine.

chinese medicine

Impact of Chinese Herbal Medicine on American Society and Health

Many students take additional training in Chinese herbal medicine. Acupuncture schools offer entry-level training, Master’s degrees in Acupuncture, and now Doctorate degrees. The field is growing and flourishing in leaps and bounds throughout the United States.

Favorable news coverage, successful feedback from friends, people swearing it is painless; all help increase its popularity. Increased knowledge has brought intrigue and trust to this age-old tradition of healing – surely becoming more commonplace as a first, rather than a last resort.

Today’s mounting high-pressure and stress for success can break the body down, weakening the mind and breaking the spirit. Acupuncture treats a wide spectrum of conditions, ranging from basic preventative care to treatment of intractable, debilitating disease.

It reduces and eliminates chronic and acute pain, balances hormones, improves digestion, strengthens respiration, peaks immunity, and produces an overall sense of well-being. It helps military veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, couples conceive a child, children heal from tummy aches, teens resolve stress and anxiety, women alleviate premenstrual or menopausal symptoms, and men counteract those of “manopause” or sports-related injuries.

Acupuncture moves blood, sparks energy, nourishes vital fluids, and creates a bright and clear Shen (spirit). The more relaxed during treatment, the more it manifests the restoration of a healthy body, strong mind, and enhanced spirit.

Acupuncture needles received in a timely manner spares one of the needless health problems. Seasonal preventative treatments, combined with those sought “just in time” minimize negative repercussions to the physical body.

It works even if the receiver is a non-believer, taking approximately eight treatments to know if it’s functioning for a particular condition. As an ancient way of healing, Acupuncture is providing hope for countless health complaints, a safe and secure “life lift” to a place filled with vibrant, flowing life force.

Shoshanna Katzman

Shoshanna Katzman, M.S., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac & CH I am pleased to have the opportunity to provide you with an array of articles written from the perspective of a Chinese medicine practitioner with the specialties of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and the exercise systems of tai chi and qigong. My training began 45 years ago when I became a serious student of tai chi and kung fu in the Panhandle of San Francisco. Since that time I have availed myself of intensive study in the fields of Chinese medicine as well as energy medicine. I also have a master’s degree in sports medicine, which lends a more scientific basis for my work. My vision is to reach and help as many people revitalize and restore balanced flow of qi throughout their body, mind and spirit. This is achieved through integrating the healing modalities of Chinese medicine into their life.



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