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Greg Grunberg and Stacey Chillemi

Ending the Stigma of Epilepsy

There are still attitudes within most societies that view symptoms of epilepsy as threatening and uncomfortable, and these attitudes frequently foster stigma and discrimination towards people with epilepsy. Such reactions are common when people are brave enough to admit they have epilepsy, and they can often lead on to various forms of exclusion or discrimination – either within social circles or within the workplace. I remember when I was working at my dream job.  I felt an aura then seconds later I fell to the ground and experienced a seizure.  One of the top guys in charge saw me have the seizure and he continued to walk as he stepped over my body and kept walking.  Thirty minutes late I was called in by his associate...


Epilepsy and Sleep Apnea: A Collaborative Treatment

Is there a link between those suffering from Epilepsy and untreated Sleep Apnea?  I just read about an amazing 10-year case study from the Cleveland Clinic in which a patient who had been diagnosed with epilepsy at an early age was “experiencing epileptic seizures as frequently as once a day and convulsions occurring about once a week.  Even though this patient was not overweight, had only mild snoring, and showed no regularity of cessation of breathing during the night, the site decided to conduct a sleep study because sleep apnea has been associated with worsening epileptic seizures.  This patient was put on continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. Within 2 months his seizures stopped altogether.”  During a 10-year follow-up period, the patient still remained seizure free. This begs the question.  If...

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Epilepsy Isn’t Going To Stop Me

PUBLISHED IN THE HUFFINGTON POST Born in New York and raised in Matawan, New Jersey, I had spent my early years trying to cope with my epilepsy disorder. At the age of five, my parents heard a funny noise from the other room, they went to check to make sure everything was all right just as any parent would do and found me in a grand mal seizure.  My lips were turning blue, my eyes rolled back and my entire body was shaking.  Stunned, full of fright and devastation they rushed to call emergency (911) and had rushed me to the nearest hospital for medical attention.  The doctors diagnosed me with (encephalitis) a virus that had traveled to my brain causing me to go into a coma...

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Why I Do What I Do – How I Found My Purpose In Life

Published in Arianna Huffington's Website Thrive Global Life was grand as a toddler, going on weekend trips with my parents, playing with my friends and listening to grandma as she shared one inspiring story after another about the good old days.  What more could a child ask for than the love and comfort of her family? Surprising life quickly took a turn for the worst and that pathway I was destined to journey became rocky as traumatic obstacles crossed my life path and took me on a different journey. A journey, one no child should have to experience. The Beginning At the age of five, I had contracted a sore throat and an ear infection. My mother had brought me to the doctor’s office that evening and the pediatrician...

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Epilepsy Awareness: Medical marijuana helps local boy’s seizures

Linda and Chris Lloyd were at their wits’ end. Their 7-year-old son, Henry, who’d been having seizures since he was 2, had been on 13 different pharmaceutical drugs and homeopathic medicines to alleviate the symptoms of his severe epilepsy. The Pawcatuck couple had done all sorts of research about medical marijuana and had even thought about moving to a state where it was already legal to administer it to a child. So when it became legal in Connecticut on Oct. 1, the two started the process of getting a physician’s approvals and finding a dispensary from which to obtain the product for Henry. Henry was the first child in Connecticut to be approved for medical marijuana. “Some people have had difficulties finding two physicians who sign off on...