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Disease Prevention with Coconut Oil

Disease Prevention with Coconut Oil

From the Western part of the world where coconut oil is harvested from tropical coconut palm trees to the east where more and more people are enjoying the benefits this product offers, the popularity of coconut oil seems unstoppable. And now that it has claimed its spot in the limelight, it is being tagged as a miracle ingredient, making wonders in the kitchen and providing solutions to the most common health problems.Let’s review some of the most common health problems that coconut oil can provide a solution to. 1. Oral Problems Have you heard of coconut oil pulling? If not, then here’s what you should know. Coconut oil has been widely used in the ancient Ayurvedic method of oil pulling, wherein the oil is swished around the...

7 foods every woman should add to her ration

7 Foods Every Woman Should Add to Her Ration

Our specialist at Organic Hair Color Salon in NYC we have prepared a list of products, which will boost your mood, preserve your health and beauty, and increase your happiness. #1. Avocado This fruit will make you feel happy and good. It contains serotonin, tastes great, and, moreover, it is a perfect ingredient for face masks and natural hair conditioners. #2. Brazil nuts Nuts are not only a great source of proteins but also a product, which can create a feeling of comfort. We strongly recommend sharing the bowl of Brazil nuts instead of chips with your friends, if they come, for example, to watch a movie. #3. Chocolate You will be afraid to put on some weight only before eating chocolate; then endorphins will take their toll, and you’ll forget about excess...

How to keep your thatch healthy from the very beginning

How To Keep Your Thatch Healthy From The Very Beginning

If you want to keep your thatch healthy from the very beginning, you should take care of your scalp well since this is where your hair begins. We’ve consulted the best barbers in NYC and prepared these valuable tips for our readers: Choose the right shampoo The right shampoo can make a big difference, so you should make a good choice. It’s important to consider your hair type in order to make the most of your product in the shower. You should also pay attention to the most annoying problems such as dryness or oiliness because the right shampoo can make your life easier. Set an optimal temperature Even though hot water feels nice, it doesn’t mean it’s beneficial to your hair and scalp. Actually, an extremely...

I Tried Oil Pulling For A Month, And This Is What Happened

Can you swish your way to healthier gums and a calmer mind? One writer gave it a go. by ALLISON YOUNG The practice of oil pulling is said to whiten teeth, treat gum disease, clear up acne, fight migraines, cure jaw pain, purge toxins, and improve overall health and well-being, but that’s not why I tried it. In fact, I didn’t know any of these “promises” when I started swishing oil around in my mouth. I did it because of my yoga teacher, Lorilee Gillmore, recommended it. Not only is she a kick-ass yoga instructor and owner of Phoenix-based Moksha Ayurveda, (a center for the ancient science and medical arm of yoga dating back more than 3,000 years), she's also the picture of health and happiness. “Ama,...


Which Brand Of Coconut Oil Is Best?

by Sierra Bright There really isn’t just one particular brand of coconut oil you should look for. The main thing is to look for virgin or extra virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil that’s contained in a glass jar. These brands all meet this criteria and then some: Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade & Organic Fresh-Pressed White Kernel Virgin Coconut Oil Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade & Organic Fresh-Pressed White Kernel Virgin Coconut Oil is cold-pressed from fresh dried coconut kernels with brown inner skins that were left on, for a more aromatic, nuttier-tasting oil. It has a fresh scent and fabulous aroma and is very versatile. You can use it for stir-frying and baking as well as for body care. In addition to being certified organic and including the USDA National Organic Program...

9 Reasons to Add Coconut Oil into Your Diet

9 Reasons to Add Coconut Oil into Your Diet

In the past few years, organic coconut oil has acquired a bad reputation because of its saturated fat content. However, researchers found out that these fat types are MCTs, which are known for their many health benefits.Considering that fact, maybe it is time for you to add coconut oil into your diet. Here are other reasons: 1. It improves cholesterol levels. Coconut oil has Lauric acid, which helps increase the good HDL cholesterol levels in the blood. 2. It promotes weight loss. As soon as the MCTs break down, metabolism increases because the thyroid hormones and sugar levels are affected. In 2009, a study was conducted to prove this. It involved several women, who were asked to consume 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in a day for 2 weeks....


10 Secret Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Skin – Infographic

Coconut oil has been highly raved about for several years already- and it’s all for good reasons.The oil has been a great help to a handful of health issues. From diabetes, heart problems and even abnormal cholesterol levels, coconut oil has components to address every issue. It can even be used in getting clearer and healthier skin. Here’s how:Coconut oil can prevent premature skin aging by acting as a physical barrier against environmental pollutants. This action stops the oxidative damage that can make you look older than your actual age.Coconut oil has antifungal properties to ward off infections, too. It can even control bacterial growth, especially for cases of acne.The oil also makes a great alternative to your usual exfoliant. It can gently...