5 Tips on How to Grow a Fall Broccoli Container Garden

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5 Tips on How to Grow a Fall Broccoli Container Garden

The only difference between a container garden and a garden with raised beds is that containers are movable. There are several advantages to growing vegetables in containers and raised beds: Drainage is better, the soil warms up a little faster and roots actually grow better.

If proper planning is done to maximize space, container gardening can be a sustainable means of providing yourself with edible cancer-fighting fruits and vegetables throughout the season. Even broccoli can be easily tamed to grow successfully in a pot.

This brings us to our topic of the day, How To Grow A Fall Broccoli Container Garden.


Basic Broccoli Necessities

3 Gallon Containers

Use a container size of at least three gallons should be provided for every broccoli plant grown.

Organic Aerated Potting Soil

Use organic potting soil and add a good amount of nutritious compost. Besides prefers the soil to be light, well-aerated, and has good drainage properties.

Minimal Fertilizing

If you started off with premium potting soil, there should only be a need to fertilize your broccoli plants once or twice during their life cycle. You may want to add micronutrients such as boron and magnesium.

8 Hours of Sunlight

Broccoli plants will thrive with a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight daily.

75 Degrees or Lower

Broccoli tends to bolt (flower) when the temperatures rise above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. When broccoli bolts, there is no harvestable produce to be had. To keep your broccoli plants producing, grow only in the cooler temperatures of spring and autumn.

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