2 Tips to Boost Women’s Health

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2 Tips to Boost Women’s Health

Health issues affect men and women in different ways. The symptoms may look the same, but the effects may be different. It’s also possible that a health issue might affect a woman far more severely than a man. 

Similarly, adopting a natural health lifestyle may need a unique approach.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how you can improve your mental and physical health.

Improve Your Mental Health

A mental health issue is a source of significant stress. If you can’t resolve an issue on your own, it’s time to seek professional help for women’s mental health issues. Ignoring an issue only suppresses it. This will make it worse. 

How do you know when to seek help?

Here are some clues: 

The do-it-yourself approach fails. You should seek help when nothing you’ve tried appears to have made much of a difference. Let’s, say, you have a mood disorder. Perhaps, you’ve read self-help books and followed the advice of people who have been depressed or anxious, but nothing works to change your mood or improve your perspective.  If, for instance, you’ve meditated regularly with no sign of your depression lifting or gone to yoga classes for weeks with only minor shifts in your anxiety, then you should see a therapist. They will help you get to the unconscious reasons behind your mood disorders. 

You’ve frustrated the people in your life.  You should seek help when you can’t get any useful advice from your family and friends. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that they don’t care, but it’s probably more likely that they don’t have any answers.

Your life’s falling apart at the seams. Your mood disorder, addiction, or other mental health problem spills over into other aspects of your life. You might find it difficult to keep harmony in your relationships; or, the decline in your quality of work might attract negative attention in the workplace; or, you might have trouble paying your bills. 

Improve Your Physical Health

While there are many ways to improve your physical health, the first place to start is by improving your diet.  

Although the nutrient value of a food is an objective factor, the same food subjectively affects people in different ways. These are not only differences between individuals, but also between different sexes. These differences occur for a wide number of reasons, ranging from food allergies to their effects on hormonal balance

So when striving to improve your diet, focus on three things. First, what types of foods do you like. Second, what types of foods provide the nutrients your body needs. Third, what types of foods agree with you. 

So after deciding on a diet based on its nutritional profile and its relationship to your weight-management goals, you have to experiment with the diet. Do you like the taste? Do you feel better or worse after eating certain foods? Is your diet helping you lose, maintain, or gain weight?

Although it sounds strange, the foods you eat do far more than fueling your body. Food also affects the way you think and feel because foods alter hormones and brain chemistry.  

So research the best possible diet and then tweak it to fit your preferences and needs. Sometimes, a popular diet backed by plenty of research might simply not work for you at all. If that happens, don’t give up on trying to improve your diet; instead, try out other diets. 

Making gender-based decisions on how to improve your mental and physical health will provide you with a far more satisfactory outcome than simply taking a generic approach to self-improvement.


Stacey Chillemi


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