What are the Supreme Range of Urinary Incontinence Products for Women Available?

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What are the Supreme Range of Urinary Incontinence Products for Women Available?

What are the Supreme Range of Urinary Incontinence Products for Women Available?

There are many women around the world who suffer from the issue of urinary incontinence. Urinary continence is a problem in which a person finds it difficult to have control over his/her urination. So, it is a kind of involuntary outflow of urine. This happens when a person finds it hard to control the urinary sphincter, which in turn results in the leakage of urine. As a matter of fact, this issue is more common among the women. Fortunately, there is a supreme range of urinary incontinence products for women available in the market. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you the most.

Types of Urinary Incontinence Products for Women:

There is a wide range of pads as well as protective garments available in the market. These products can help you deal with mild, moderate, as well as severe urine leakage. In addition, these products also come in a wide array of sizes and colors. So, let us know a little about the options available:

Absorbent Pads

These pads are disposable in nature and are available for women and men as well. Featuring adhesive strips, these can be easily placed inside a panty, without feeling any kind of discomfort. One pad is enough to keep you dry throughout the day. These pads can hold around 10 ounces of urine, keeping your skin dry, fresh and odorless.

Incontinence Panties

A lot of women who suffer from the problem of urinary incontinence prefer these panties. If you take a quick look at these panties, you will not be able to find any difference when compared to the normal ones. However, the incontinence panties comprise of a waterproof liner. In addition, they also feature in-built cloth pad, which can easily soak around 10 ounces of urine. The most striking aspect of these panties is that they can be washed and reused, just like your regular panties. Moreover, the wide range of color and design options adds more popularity to the incontinence panties. Without any doubt, these panties are very much effective in keeping your skin dry.

Disposable Panties

Available in a huge array of colors and fancy styles, like the name suggests, these panties can be used and thrown. These are perfect for women who travel a lot. They also come with an adjustable tape on the sides, which add more convenience.

Protective Under Pads

They come in two variants; reusable and disposable. These flat pads come equipped with a layer of absorbent on one side; whereas the other side features a moisture barrier. As a result, these pads prove to be quite effective in protecting chairs, mattresses, and other furniture from the leakage of urine. Some protective pads also incorporate anti-fungal and antibacterial finishes, and the capacity of absorbents also varies from pad to pad.

Plastic Pants

If your urinary incontinence is of mild nature then you can also consider the option of plastic pants. They can be easily used with your normal undergarments. These pants are effective in handling mild to moderate kind of urine leakage.

So, before purchasing any of the supreme range of urinary incontinence products for women, it would be better to consult with a medical expert, as he/she can assess your condition of urinary incontinence in a better way. In addition, the expert will be able to suggest you the aptest option according to your situation.

Many people feel uncomfortable purchasing these products in stores. But, with online ordering, you can order your favorite products, while maintaining your dignity.

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