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youtheory collagen bundle

youtheory Collagen Bundle Review – Bone, Joint & Heart Dietary Supplements

Youtheory sent me their collagen dietary supplements to review. In this review, I  am going to discuss my experience using youtheory joint collagen + boswellia, youtheory bone collagen + D3 & K2, and youtheory heart collagen + resveratrol. All three can aid in achieving optimal health and promotes longevity along with other health benefits to improve your overall health.

3 Pack Bundle

  • heart collagen +
  • bone collagen +
  • joint collagen +


heart collagen +

Youtheory Heart Collagen+ is a powerful blend of collagen, resveratrol, and vitamin K2 that work together to revitalize blood vessels and keep blood flowing freely.  This healthy heart formula features Veri-te™, all-trans resveratrol that is highly bioavailable in the body and studied for its cardiovascular effects.


  • supports healthy blood flow
  • helps maintain flexible arteries
  • replenishes collagen

Medicinal Uses of heart collagen +


This product contains collagen. Collagen is a critical component of the cardiovascular system, making up nearly 10% of the heart and 50% of blood vessels. Collagen is especially important for arteries, as it confers flexibility and allows for vasodilation. Flexible arteries are one of the best indicators of cardiovascular health and research shows that 2.5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen per day can significantly improve arterial flexibility.


Heart collagen + also contains Veri-te™. Veri-te™ is a clinically proven, all-trans resveratrol made through fermentation. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant compound and is emerging as one of the most potent vasoactive nutrients in the marketplace. Studies show that Veri-Te resveratrol strengthens circulatory health through increased nitric oxide production.

Vitamin K2

Heart collagen + contains vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 improves heart health by optimizing calcium balance inside the body. K2 puts calcium in bones and removes calcium from arteries, where it can build up over time. K2 has been shown to help maintain arterial flexibility and support a healthy cardiovascular system as we age.

What I thought of heart collagen +

I started using the brand youtheory a year ago and I haven’t stopped since.   When Covid-19 began last year I started using their use Youtheory immune+ daily wellness.  I felt a boost in my energy level and the fact that I never got Covid definitely helped me become a true believer.  In addition,  I used their Tumeric as well and it definitely helped to reduce my inflammation and water weight down.  I continue to use it on a daily basis because it has so many benefits besides inflammation.

I was excited to start using their heart collagen + because now that I am in my forties I need to start being more on top of things.  Heart problems run in my family and I have always been a strong believer in being a proactivist. Why wait until the problems occur when you can prevent the problem from occurring altogether by caring for your body by giving it what it needs.

I like to take it in the morning when I wake up before I exercise.  The tablets are small and easy to swallow.


bone collagen +

Youtheory Bone Collagen+ is a powerful blend of collagen, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 that work together to nourish the skeletal system and support strong, healthy bones. This dietary supplement features Aquamin®, a multi-mineral complex that helps replenish essential nutrients that are commonly missing from people’s daily diets.


  • increases bone mineralization
  • helps maintain bone density
  • replenishes collagen

Medicinal Uses of  bone collagen +


This nutrient is more than just a “skin” nutrient. Collagen is an important component of bones, making up 90% of the organic (non-mineral) part and 30% of total bone mass. Collagen creates the basic structural framework of the bone itself and provides binding sites for minerals. The combination of collagen + minerals makes our bones strong and flexible.

Vitamins D3 & K2

Vitamins D3 and K2 improve bone mineralization. D3 ensures that calcium is absorbed easily, while K2 brings calcium into the bones (and clears your arteries from excess calcium). These two essential nutrients are commonly lacking in the modern diet and many of us require supplementation in order to meet minimum requirements.


Aquamin® is a unique multi-mineral complex derived from seaweed. Unlike other mineral sources used in food, beverage, and supplement preparation, Aquamin is derived from 100% red marine algae. Aquamin is harvested in pristine waters off the coast of Iceland and provides calcium, magnesium, and over 70 other trace elements.

What I thought of bone collagen +

In my 40’s I  had an accident where I slipped and fell and when I got up I couldn’t move my arm.  I broke my collar bone in 2 places and I was unable to use my entire arm for several months.  I remember the doctor saying to me our bones aren’t what they use to be and boy was he right!  Our bones become more brittle as we age.  Sadly they can break more easily and I have a couple of stories I could share to prove it but we’ll save that for another day.

Also, our height decreases as well.  This is because the trunk and spine shorten as we get older.  I remember the last time my parents came over to visit I was looking at my mother who was always 5 foot 4′.  I’m 5 foot 2′ and I am looking at my mom and I can clearly see that she is shorter than me.  I said no way!  So I said, “mom you shrunk.  She was in denial.  LOL! So my kids put us back to back to measure us and she was 3 inches shorter than me!  She shrunk!

So when youtheory sent to bone collagen + to try I was excited, to say the least.  I have been using it for a while now and I plan to include bone collagen + it in my daily regimen of supplements that I use.  I am done with breaking any more bones and I don’t want to shrink like my mom.  When you get to your middle age and older it’s important to provide your body with the nutrients it needs in order to maintain healthy and strong bones.

I take them daily.  They are small just like the heart collagen + and they are easy to swallow.  I highly recommend them.

joint collagen +

joint collagen +

Youtheory Joint Collagen+ is a powerful blend of collagen and boswellia that works to support healthy joints. This daily wellness formula features BosFlex™, a concentrated boswellia extract that improves joint comfort in as little as 7 days.


  • promotes healthy joints
  • replenishes collagen
  • fast-acting results

Medicinal Uses of  joint collagen +


Collagen plays an important role in joint health.  It makes up nearly 90% of joint cartilage, 30% of bones, and 75% of tendons and ligaments. Although collagen is commonly depleted during the aging process, it can and should be replenished over time to help maintain healthy joints and connective tissue.


This supplement formula is a powerful Boswellia extract taken from the frankincense tree and standardized to 30% AKBA (10x more than most Boswellia extracts). BosFlex™ works at an incredibly low dose (100 mg) and is clinically studied to promote mobility, flexibility, and comfort in joints.

What I thought of joint collagen +

For years, I have struggled with joint pain in my neck, shoulders, arms, and back.  I have been using youtheory joint collagen + for a while now and once I was on it for a while about 2 weeks I began to notice the pain that I experience in my joints decreasing.  I take it every morning.  The supplement is small just like bone collagen + and heart collagen +.

I highly recommend all three dietary supplements because they work well, they are easy to use, the cost is more than reasonable and after using them the first two weeks I saw a difference in the way I feel.

You can buy these supplements at youtheory online and in many retail stores including Sams Club.






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