UPGRAID Review – A natural way to fight inflammation and Pain

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UPGRAID Review – A natural way to fight inflammation and Pain

Real Organic Ingredients with Real Clinical Studies

Inflammation and pain can occur due to injury, illness, and stress. It can also be caused by the foods we eat and unhealthy lifestyle habits we tend to carry.

Changing our diets and daily regimen can help improve inflammation. One needs to focus on consuming more anti-inflammatory foods, exercising regularly, getting a good night’s sleep, and working on ways to reduce stress in their daily lives (yoga, meditation, journal writing, to name a few).

In many cases, getting additional support from supplements may be helpful. Many individuals including myself have experienced great success in reducing inflammation and experiencing less pain in their bodies by using an effective supplement that contains organic, high-quality ingredients.

Here is 1 supplement that I have tried that I like to talk about today.  It has been shown to reduce inflammation in studies and I have personally used it myself.  I have experienced less inflammation and in certain parts of my body, I feel less pain.


UPGRAID was created to be the first fully organic product with clinically studied ingredients for pain and inflammation. They believe that with the right ingredients and the proper education, everyone has the ability to feel better.

UPGRAID Benefits

  • Fully Organic Ingredients
  • Clinically Studied and Vegan
  • Gluten-Free and Plant-Based
  • Sustainable and Non-GMO
  • No CBD and No Allergens

UPGRAID Ingredients

TurmiPure Gold® | 300mg

TurmiPure Gold® is a natural and clinically researched turmeric supplying unprecedented bioavailability of curcumin at a low dose.

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Curcuminoids are clinically proven to be effective in more than 100 studies to support healthy joint function and healthy inflammatory response. However, it is hard for the body to absorb these compounds through normal digestion, so you have to take a lot to see the benefit.

Standard turmeric extract is not water-soluble – making it harder to absorb. TurmiPure Gold®’s innovative formulation highly enhances the bioavailability of curcuminoids, in addition to being instantly water dispersible.

The scientific way to test curcumin absorption in the body is through a pK (pharmacokinetics) clinical study which tests the amount of activity that actually gets into the blood.

300mg TurmiPure GOLD® is found to deliver more curcuminoids in human blood than 1900mg of standard turmeric 95% curcuminoids (with or without the addition of 1% black pepper extract – claimed by some products to increase absorption).

Sensoril | 250mg

Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb that has a long history of use and has been reported to have several health-promoting effects, including healthy energy, metabolism, stress response, physical performance, and joint health. The novel active constituents are a group of plant compounds called withanolide glycosides.

The company chose Sensoril® root and leaf extract, which is organic and standardized for withanolide glycoside content. They have formulated the clinically-studied dose of 250 mg/day. There trademarked ingredient showed results in as little as 2 weeks with daily use. Individual results may vary, but the key is taking it every day as part of your healthy routine.

Tart Cherry and Ginger Root

Tart cherry fruit and ginger root have both been used traditionally for generations. They chose organic extracts to complete their balanced blend of botanical ingredients to allow your body to have a healthy response to inflammation.

What I like about their blend of ingredients is that it is unique because it is both pure and potent: ORGANIC and CLINICALLY TESTED ingredients.

What The Reviewer Thought of UPGRAID

I have been using UPGRAID for the last couple of weeks.  UPGRAID has reduced my inflammation tremendously and I have experienced less pain in my fingers, neck, and shoulder.   I have tried many supplements for inflammation and pain but none have been this effective.  However, with this supplement, I noticed an improvement in the first couple of days.  I usually carry 4 – 10 pounds in water weight depending on how inflamed my body is at the moment.  My weight has been down and I have been experiencing less pain in the parts of my body that I hurt the most.  I am satisfied with this product and I will continue to use it.  I highly recommend it based on my own experience.

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