Mitopure Powder Review By Time-Line Nutrition

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Mitopure Powder Review By Time-Line Nutrition

Mitopure Powder Review By Time-Line Nutrition

Time-Line Nutrition sent me their product Mitopure Powder to use. I’ve been using Mitopure Powder for a while now.  In this review, I  am going to discuss my experience using Mitopure Powder By Time-Line Nutrition.

What is Mitopure Powder By Time-Line Nutrition?

The trillions of cells that comprise our body tissues run on the energy created by our mitochondria.  About 90% of our energy comes from these powerhouses. As we age, the mitochondria break down and lose their efficiency.  This can have an effect on our performance and overall health.

Age-associated cellular decline not only includes a progressive decline in muscle function.  The age-associated cellular decline also affects our metabolism, our overall energy levels, and our resiliency. Mitopure Powder can help address age-associated cellular decline by revitalizing mitochondria and powering muscle cells.

The Benefits of Mitopure Powder

Revitalizes Mitochondria

Activates cells into revitalizing our mitochondria

Supports Cellular Health

Provides active nutrient that works at a cellular level

Boosts Muscle Function

Supports muscular function through revitalizing mitochondria

Delivers 6x More

500mg Mitopure delivers 6X more Urolithin A than diet alone

What’s Makes Mitopure Powder Unique?

The active ingredient in Timeline is produced by only 30-40% of people when they eat pomegranates and select berries and nuts. With Mitopure™, you can benefit from the support that cellular nutrition provides, and Timeline provides the precise dose needed every day to improve your cellular health.

It also is…

  • Gluten-Free
  • Free Of Big 8 Food Allergens
  • Vegan
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Artificial Colorants / Flavors

What did I think of Mitopure Powder?

I was very impressed with the way Time-line nutrition packaged the products and all the valuable information they sent with them.

When I first received Mitopure Powder By Time-Line Nutrition it mentioned on the box that it was a Mitochondrial revitalizer and at first, I wasn’t sure what a  Mitochondrial revitalizer was and why it was important.

However, as I read on as it talked about cellular health and explained why revitalizing the mitochondria was so important.

Mitochondria are structures within cells that convert the energy from food into a form that cells can use. Each cell contains hundreds to thousands of mitochondria.   These are located in the fluid that surrounds the nucleus. This genetic material is known as mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA.

The main functions of the Mitochondria are…

  • Producing energy
  • Storing calcium – necessary for muscle function, fertilization, and blood clotting.
  • Generating body heat – When we are cold, we shiver to keep warm. But the body can also generate heat in other ways.  One way is by using a tissue called brown fat.  Mitochondria can generate heat. Unfortunately, as we get older our cellular health starts to decline, and generating body heat becomes harder for the body to accomplish.

After taking Mitopure Powder for a while I noticed an increase in my energy and strength.  Exercising was no longer a struggle either.

I also noticed I didn’t need to sleep with 5 or 6 blankets anymore.  At night I was always cold and I slept with numerous blankets compared to my husband who only needed one thin sheet.  I didn’t need to bundle up anymore as I went outside either.

I have also noticed that I was losing muscle and it’s been a struggle to try to get well-defined again the way I use to be.  It has also been a struggle to lose weight. However, I have definitely noticed a change in my muscle definition in the last two weeks since I have been using Mitopure Powder By Time-Line Nutrition.  I also dropped a few bounds which I was very excited about.

I highly recommend Mitopure Powder By Time-Line Nutrition.

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