AMPower Energy Bar Review – Protein, Caffeine, Prebiotic

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AMPower Energy Bar Review

AMPower Energy Bar Review – Protein, Caffeine, Prebiotic

AMPower sent me their protein bar to review. In this review, I  am going to discuss my experience using AMPower Energy Bars. Both are intended for mindful eaters. It’s a nutritious snack that provides both an Energy Boost and helps to Fuel people who needed pick me up.  AMPower Energy Bars can be used as a pre-workout snack, morning booster, or meal replacement.

AMPower Energy Bars Flavors

Salted Caramel Latte with Cinnamon and Himalayan Salt

AMPower Yourself®

These protein power bars give you a nice boost of energy and aids with digestion and help boost your immune system. The AMPower Energy Bars are Low Sugar, 100% Natural, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free.


  • Increase energy
  • Help with your digestion
  • Increase immune system
  • Gives you nourishment before and after a workout
  • Curbs your appetite
  • Effective meal substitute
  • Easy to incorporate into your lifestyle

What I especially liked about the brand AMPower was…

  • Low-sugar
  • 100% Natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
Chocolate Mocha with Himalayan Salt

AMPower Yourself®

Medicinal Benefits of AMPower Energy Bars


This mineral helps your body build and maintain strong bones. Your heart, muscles, and nerves also need calcium to function properly.


Iron is a mineral that is necessary for the body’s development and growth. Your body uses iron to make hemoglobin.  Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body.  It also carries oxygen to myoglobin.  This is a red protein containing heme, which carries and stores oxygen in muscle. Your body also needs iron to make some hormones.


This mineral is one of the most vital minerals in the body. It helps manage muscle contractions, balance fluid, and nerve signals. It may also help reduce blood pressure and inflammation, protect against stroke kidney stones and prevent osteoporosis.


This stimulant acts as a central nervous system stimulant. Caffeine increases alertness and increases energy. This is a common ingredient in medications to treat or manage headaches, migraines, and tiredness.

What I thought of AMPower Energy Bars

AMPower Energy Bars gave me a boost of energy.  I used them before I worked out.  It gave me the energy I needed to have a productive workout and I remained energic throughout the course of the day.

I like both flavors. The Chocolate Mocha with Himalayan Salt and the Salted Caramel Latte with Cinnamon and Himalayan Salt.  Both tasted really good.  I highly recommend them to others. It’s also a great snack to keep in your car or bag in case you get hungry or your sugar level gets a little low.




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