Questions Your Chiropractor Will Ask You on the First Visit

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Questions Your Chiropractor Will Ask You on the First Visit

During your first trip to the chiropractor, you can’t expect the procedure to start right away. You need to have an initial consultation first and book the appointment for the actual procedure. If you decided to ask for an expert chiropractor in Woking, you made the right choice. These experts understand different body types well and can find a way to end whatever pain you’re going through. On your first visit, you will receive further questions that will help the chiropractor understand you. Here are some of them.

How do you feel right now?

You have to explain what you’re going through. You might experience severe body pains in some areas. Be specific in telling the details. Your chiropractor should see the overall picture to determine the next best steps.

What past injuries did you experience?

Another question that you might receive is in regards to recent injuries. They might be the reason behind the pain. The approach is different when you had severe injuries in the past days or weeks. The chiropractor will be more cautious in dealing with the affected area. You might also have to wait for a while since that body part is still sore. Be honest about your response.

Are you currently under medication?

Your chiropractor also needs to know if you currently take medicines for bodily pains and other illnesses. Your underlying medical condition is also essential information to consider. You might not be eligible to undergo the procedure if you’re taking medicines for other diseases.

What’s your lifestyle?

Just like your physician, the chiropractor also needs to know if you exercise regularly. If you follow a diet plan, it’s also something to divulge during the consultation. Again, be honest in providing these details since they’re crucial in the process.

Have you been to a chiropractor before?

If it’s not your first time to request this procedure, inform your chiropractor about it. Your previous visit is part of your medical history. If you decided to visit again, it might be due to the same pain or a different problem. Either way, be honest about it. Explain why you thought about going to a different chiropractor this time.

X-ray and blood pressure check

Before scheduling your procedure, the chiropractor will also request an x-ray and blood pressure check. The x-ray results will help determine the areas of concern. They also give a clearer picture of what’s wrong with your body. A blood pressure check is crucial since people with hypertension shouldn’t undergo this procedure. On the next visit, you will have another blood pressure check.

The point is that there will be an initial consultation first before you finally go through the process. You also have to emotionally prepare yourself. It can be scary to go to a chiropractor, especially if you already watched the adjustment videos online. You might think that it’s painful. However, if you wish to recover, you should give your chiropractor a try.

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