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Home Remedies and Exercises for Vertigo: Treatment Tips

In this article, you'll learn and discover home remedies and exercises for vertigo (Treatment Tips). Vertigo is a symptomatic disorder that occurs because of inner ear problems or issues with the brain. The inner ear can get affected by an infection, injury, or any other cause, and hence, result in vertigo. Inner Ear Issues that Cause Vertigo Some of the common inner ear problems that can cause vertigo are: BPPV This stand for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, which is a medical condition where calcium crystals known as otoconia irritate the sensory nerve fibers present in the semi-circular canals of the inner ear leading to vertigo. Usually, older people are more prone to this ailment. Meniere’s Disease This condition occurs when excess fluid builds up in the inner ear that may cause a...