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7 Best Home Remedies To Use To Help MS During The Cold Fall and Winter Months

By Tammy Worth Cold weather aggravates fatigue and spasticity for some with MS, but that doesn’t mean you have to hibernate during the cold fall and winter months. Overheating during hot weather or in a hot bath is known to magnify symptoms in many people with multiple sclerosis (MS). But for some, cold weather can be just as problematic. No one knows this better than Barbara Appelbaum, a 54-year-old motivational speaker, author, and wellness coach who lives in Chicago and faces its unrelenting winters every year. “When the season changes and it gets really cold — not normal cold, but bitter cold — I get increased fatigue and also experience occasional shooting pains, primarily in my feet,” says Appelbaum. It’s not really known why cold weather can worsen symptoms in people with MS,...

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