Effective Ways to Stop Snoring

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Effective Ways to Stop Snoring

A good number of healthy adults snore in their sleep with the majority of snorers feeling embarrassed about the issue and seek ways of stopping it. It is important to find ways to stop your snoring since long-term snoring can lead to serious health complications. Sometimes snoring is an indication of an underlying health problem.

If you want to stop snoring, you must first check if there is no underlying health issue. There are hints to stop snoring that you can try at home and if all fails, seek professional medical treatment.

Use nasal sprays

Nasal sprays will help decongest your nose if your snoring is as a result of a stuffy nose. Saline nasal sprays are the best since they dilate the nasal vessels to accommodate more air and reduce snoring.

Seek medical help

A medical practitioner is best placed to identify the causes of your snoring and the possible effective interventions to address them. If the cause is sleep apnea, which when you temporarily stop breathing during your sleep, an apnea treatment center can help you start treatment. Left untreated for long, sleep apnea can cause heart problems especially to older people.

A hot shower in the evening

A hot shower in the evening followed up by saline nasal drops in each nose is the best way to curb mild snoring that often comes during the cold nights. The heat will open up your airways for a freer flowing in and out breathing during sleep. of air which in turn eliminates snoring.

Hydrate well


Dehydration dries up your mouth and makes the mucus lining up your nose to become sticky. This sticky mucus then prevents the free flow of air in your nose and makes you snore at night. Proper hydration is important in stopping you from snoring.

Don’t drink before bed

Alcohol only makes you drowsy but does not actually help you sleep better at night. It may even make you fall asleep faster, but the quality of your sleep is significantly lowered and even disturbed. After a night of overindulging in alcohol, you may find yourself severely dehydrated and need to wake up several times to take a piss or drink some water.

Have your last drink four hours before you go to bed to give your body time to break it down.

Stop smoking


Smoking affects your body’s natural sleep rhythm, besides making your mouth and nose constantly dry. You should quit smoking to help stop your snoring.

Change your sleeping position

When you sleep on your back, your tongue and soft palate collapse onto of your throat, and when air passes through your throat, it then vibrates to produce that irritating snoring sound. If you snore frequently, try sleeping on your side and monitor the results. Sleeping on your either side allows air to pass through your throat unhindered.

Do mouth exercises

Performing mouth exercises strengthens the muscles that control your breathing and the airways. A good mouth exercises it raises the back of the roof of your mouth and uvula while pronouncing the vowel ‘A.’

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Maggie Hammond is a retired nurse and freelance writer, exploring and writing in the U.S. in retirement. An advocate for public health and nursing qualifications, she feels passionate about raising awareness of the current strain on public health organizations.



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