Best Skin Care Routine for Your 30’s

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Best Skin Care Routine for Your 30’s

During our teenage years and 20’s our skin glows and is practically flawless. However, there is something about 30’s that makes changes on our skin and we certainly don’t like it. That is why every grown woman should start changing her skin care routine as soon as the 30th birthday starts coming close.

Good Exfoliator

If you haven’t thought about exfoliating, the late 20’s are a perfect time for that. As our skin slowly starts to age, sun and smoking damage becomes more visible to the world and you will need a more aggressive treatment. A good item to introduce into your regular skin care routine is an exfoliation acid. By rubbing your face with it, you’re telling your skin cells to repair themselves, which results in a healthier and glowing skin. Also, you should repeat such a treatment at least three times a week in order to prevent any damages from showing.

Gentle Cleanser

Even though exfoliation is a good way to improve your complexion, sometimes you might over-exfoliate. In order to prevent that and cause more damage to your skin, you should have a gentle cleanser that can replace frequent exfoliation. While exfoliation is good for the night, in the morning a cleanser can do the trick. It will cleanse the oils that built up during sleep and provide a bit of hydration. Additionally, you should rely on your gentle cleansers to remove your makeup before going to bed and prevent itchy, dry and clogged skin and pores due to sleeping with makeup.


Something for the Wrinkles

These are the years when the pesky wrinkles and fine lines start showing. If you want to prevent such a thing from happening, you need to add hydrating ingredients, such as the hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine. Also, you want more antioxidants in your skin, such as the vitamin C. Antioxidants help fight off the radicals and speed up the aging process and they reduce inflammations of your skin. Additionally, pay attention to the skin around your eyes and regularly use any type of anti – aging products and you won’t have anything to worry about.

Quality Sunscreen

No matter what season it is, you need to use sunscreen on a daily basis. As we get older, our skin is more prone to sun damage and it leaves unwanted consequences in form of dark spots and wrinkles. So, to prevent such situations you should incorporate a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF into your daily skincare routine. Search for a sunscreen that has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, because they will nourish your skin, protect it and provide a nice even finish. Plus, such sunscreens can prevent blemishes, keep the pimple scars from darkening and help your skin in general.

Middle-aged woman applying cream on face

Middle-aged woman applying cream on face


In the 30’s our skin becomes more prone to drying out and you need to keep it hydrated. The best way to do so is to rely on moisturizers with natural ingredients. If you have to, have several different moisturizers and always keep them at hand. Use day and nighttime moisturizers to help your skin heal faster after cleansing and exfoliation and use them for protection outside in harsh weather conditions. Pick moisturizers that are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and avoid any chemical ingredients because those only dry out the skin more.

Our skin is constantly changing through the years and it requires a bit more attention every day. Don’t neglect the fact that your skin is becoming more sensitive and upgrade your skincare routine a bit. Your skin will be grateful and you will feel more confident.



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