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How Do I Stop My Scalp from Flaking?

If you've got embarrassing white flakes on your shoulders and dull, dry hair, dry scalp may be to blame. Find out which of the dry scalp treatment options will best nourish both your scalp and your hair so your scalp stops flaking. Your scalp can dry out for a number of reasons, including:Eczema Dietary deficiencies Cold and dry weather Too-frequent shampooing Hair products that often contain alcohol, which can dry out your hairTreatments Exfoliate regularly If flakes and dry scalp ruin your life and make you feel unconfident, then exfoliation should become an important element of your hair care regimen. According to experts at Salon East NYC, an exfoliating shampoo helps to remove dead skin cells, grime, and excessive oil gently and harmlessly. Once your pores are free,...


9 Foods, Vitamins, and Supplements that Will Keep You Younger Looking

[embed]https://youtu.be/_jhIx-qy8sc[/embed]Time fly's when you're having fun. I can remember being in my twenties like it was yesterday.  But the fact remains that I am no longer twenty, I'm in my forties. Since I hit entered my forties I noticed my changes in the way I look and feel.  As our body ages, we begin to become deficient.  The level of hormones we produce decrease, our metabolism slows down, our body becomes deficient in many vitamins and nutrients and the list goes on.All these things contribute to the aging process.  So do we stand back and let our body age and slowly deteriorate?  Hell NO!What if I told you that there are many ways to slow down the aging process without cosmetic surgery or over-the-counter miracle products that...


11 Benefits of Coconut Oil if You Have Dry Skin

For ages, coconut oil has been used as a natural home remedy to treat skin infections. However, it is not necessarily that wait until you encounter a skin infection to start using coconut oil. There are whole benefits of coconut oil, especially if you have dry skin.Below is a comprehensive list of the 11 benefits of coconut oil that will help you make your skin baby-soft Incredible Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dry Skin  Nourishes your Skin Apart from the saturated fats, coconut oil holds many incredible ingredients that nourish your skin. For instance, it contains vitamin E which is essential for healthy growth of the skin. So, treating your skin with coconut oil will result in a healthy and charming skin. Also, coconut oil is rich in proteins which help keep the skin young and rejuvenated. Softens Your Skin  Coconut oil...

8 Helpful Tips and Tricks On How To Get a Tan Fast

Many people often ask if it’s possible to get a real tan, just like the Scandinavians and celebrities. Well, yes, it’s very much possible provided you do it right. A tan tends to add a warm glow on your skin, masking all your blemishes so that you can stand out in those colorful clothes. But how do you do it? Is it something complicated or unsafe? Here are some 8 helpful tips and tricks on how to get a tan fast for those who wish to parade around with dazzling golden skin.1. Hydrate your skinYou will need...

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin

Top Ways to Maintain Beautiful and Youthful Looking Skin

Every minute each day, our skin on our bodies is open to the elements of natural that can cause us to age quicker than we are supposed too. The sun for instance, causes skin to develop wrinkles, age spots and diseases such as skin cancer. The weather along with other unhealthy elements such as pollution, dirt, grime and many others can cause our skin to age faster. In order to maintain beautiful, youthful skin you need to learn how to care for your skin the right way. Let us begin…...