Bath Remedies for Dry Skin

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Bath Remedies for Dry Skin


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Baking Soda

Add one-cup baking soda into a bathtub of hot water. Soak for half an hour to an hour. Make sure you either air dry or pat yourself dry afterward.



You may be thinking this can exclusively be utilized to thicken your gravy, however, it’s additionally beneficial is in relieving itchy, dry skin. Scatter a smattering in the tub and get your soak on.


Sea Salt

It has been proposed by many that putting a cup of sea-salt into a bath of warmer water can help to nourish your skin. Just make sure you soak in it for 20-30 minutes. Follow up your bath using an oil-based moisturizer for optimum results. For those who have open skin (cuts, wounds, etc) don’t use sea salt as it can burn quite a bit.

oatmeal bath

Most people know about this one. Adding some oatmeal into a bath will soothe your skin. It also has been employed as a folk treatment for healing dry, chapped fingers. Just rub your fingers with moist oatmeal as an alternative to soap.


Chilly Water

Cool showers or baths and even ice bags might be an immediate relief for itchy skin. Avoid hot water, though. Briefly, hotter water feels great, but nonetheless, it frequently leaves you feeling itchier afterward. Not to mention that it makes your skin even more dried out.

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