4 Activities That Can Cause the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Are You Gentle With Your Wrists?

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4 Activities That Can Cause the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Are You Gentle With Your Wrists?

Carpal tunnel syndrome or median nerve compression causes weakness, numbness, and discomfort in the hands and wrists. If the median nerve is compressed, it causes a shooting pain that is excruciating and prevents patients from using their hands effectively. It can travel from the wrists up the arm and increase symptoms. When searching for a cause, many patients consider 4 activities that are known to cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

Any Repetitive Movements On the Job

Repetitive movements on the job cause carpal tunnel syndrome, and many employers provide preventative measures to decrease the risks. A multitude of industries have workers that develop the condition and require fast treatments and surgeries. Employees who work in offices, the medical industry, and even in factors could develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Treatments such as physiotherapy address the tightness in the tendons and discomfort. Workers can learn more about physiotherapy ottawa by contacting a local clinician now for an appointment.

Playing Video Games

Playing video games requires the gamer to hold a controller in both hands throughout their gameplay. Many gamers spend several hours a day playing these games repeating the same motions over and over. This places a significant strain on the hands and wrists. Excessive gameplay increases the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, and more gamers may require fast treatments to decrease their discomfort and pain.

Exercises Such as Cycling

Cycling is extraordinary exercise and addresses the whole body, and many cyclists get into better shape quickly by using the activity as a means for exercise. Unfortunately, cyclists must control their bicycle by steering it, and this applies a lot of pressure on the hands and wrists. If they cycle frequently, the cyclists develop carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and arthritis. By finding the best therapy, cyclists decrease their symptoms including pain and discomfort and continue cycling as often as they like.

Texting or Typing More Frequently

Texting and typing are activities that workers and consumers do every day, and repetitive motions increase the risk of carpal tunnel. When using a smartphone frequently, the users have their hands in the same position for a long time. Whether they are texting friends or capturing a quick selfie, this can place strain on the tendons of the wrist and increase damage.

Those who type on laptops and tablets each day will also feel discomfort over time as these repetitive motions strain their tendons. Many doctors recommend therapies to loosen the tendons that become tightened because of carpal tunnel, and the therapies can decrease the risk of permanent damage, get the patients back to their normal routine, and lower the need for surgical correction.

With physiotherapies, the tendons loosen up and relax. The patient’s wrists and hands no longer hurt, and they can complete their job or send texts without pain. Doctors recommend the treatments according to the frequency of the pain and discomfort. Some patients could avoid surgery altogether by getting these treatments at least once a month.

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes pain and discomfort in the wrists, hands, and arms. Patients may require surgical procedures to correct the damaged nerves and tendons. However, there are holistic treatments that decrease symptoms and improve the function of the wrists and hands. Many activities contribute to the cause of carpal tunnel, and awareness of these causes helps patients decrease their risks and be more gentle with their wrists.



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