The Ultimate Guide to Antioxidants Health & Well-Being

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The Ultimate Guide to Antioxidants Health & Well-Being

The Ultimate Guide to Antioxidants Health & Well-Being

When I was in the fourth grade, I had the task of writing a paper on any topic as part of my English homework assignment. I chose the theme of seasickness since it impacted sailors who were usually away for a long time and who ended up using Vitamin C as a cure. The intricacies of the body and the response to nutrients is transcending.

Nowadays, antioxidants are well known everywhere! They are used to increase your energy, completely blowing caffeine out of the water. Antioxidants work to fight off infection and protect your body from health problems.

Before Tahitian Noni, XanGoAmigo Juice, (which all contain to some extent mangosteen, goji, and acai) we had Vitamin E, A, and D. For a decent portion of us, all we had to do was drink one cup of orange juice and take a vitamin pill.  This is nothing compared to what an antioxidant-rich beverage can do to sickness and disease.

Simply put, at the cellular and molecular level, they serve to deactivate particles which are called free radicals. Free radicals come in the of form 02, the oxygen molecule. Oxygen needs to be oxidized, and this process is usually carcinogenic. Many of the free radicals are the byproducts of the processes that occur within the cells. Free radicals are also created by environmental factors, radiation, and cigarettes.

If free radicals were allowed to do anything, they would damage all the cell structures, genetic material, and the cell walls. Mostly, free radicals are the bully of the playground, and if not dealt with they can do so much damage that they can eventually lead to death. Antioxidants play a critical role in the destruction clean up caused by free radicals. They clean our body before they have a chance to harm the body.

Many health corporations have started offering highly rich antioxidant drinks, the hull, pulp, rind, and pericarp. The entire fruit is ground up and mixed and then filled into a bottle. These antioxidant beverages have created three sections. One of the drinks has mangosteen as their preferred choice, goji, and acai.

Acai Berry:

The Acai berry originates from the Amazon Rainforest and grows on palm trees. The Acai berry contains exceptionally high levels of Antioxidants, Iron, Amino Acid, Fiber, Omega Fatty Acids, minerals and other vitamins. No wonder the people that live in the Amazon Region have legendary healing powers and live for a long time.

Acai is known to have the following benefits in these regions: Antibacterial, Antimutagenic, Cardiovascular System, and Anti-inflammatory. The berries contain incredibly high amounts of omega fatty acids and are scientifically proven to maintain HDL and LDL levels.

Acai is classified in a section of flavonoids which are called anthocyanins. The Acai Berry ORAC value if higher and denser than any other berry in the world. It is also an underrated source of dietary fiber. The seed also has high levels of organic vegetable protein. Scientific studies have shown that they provide the body with high levels of fiber. The insoluble grains help reduce the risk of developing particular cancers.


Garcinia Mangostana (Mangosteen) is an evergreen tree which is believed to have come from the Moluccas and the Sunda Islands. The trees grow to be 22 to 82 feet long. In Asia, the fruit is known as the Queen of Fruits. Mangosteen is compounded with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-tumor activity, and antioxidants. Studies have shown that the extracts of mangosteen help to fight cancer cell lines including, liver, leukemia, and breast cancer again.

For thousands of years, Southeast Asians have used the fruit and the rind to help fight ailing diseases, treat infections, pain control, fever control, and other problems. Most of the research that has been done has been focused on the rind of the fruit. The pericarp (rind) contains the active xanthone compound. The fruit has beneficial compounds, but the compounds within the grain have not been studied as intently.

The Mangosteen xanthones that are active include Mangosteen AMangosteen BTrapezifolixanthoneTovophyllinGarcinone BMangostanol and a bunch more!

Goji Berry

Goji Berries are the highest containing fruit of beta-carotene! Beta is transformed into Vitamin A because of the human liver enzymes. Goji lists 18 different forms of amino acids, 8 of which are indispensable to the human body.  Goji Berries have been utilized in Tibet for over 2,000 years.

Tibet medicine uses these berries to help kidney and liver problems. They are also used to help lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and to clean the blood. Goji berries have been used for the treatment of skin rashes, eye problems, allergies, insomnia, chronic liver disease, and tuberculosis.

Goji Berries have the complex compounds:


This compound is usually active against all forms of leukemia. It also helps as a treatment for hepatitis B.


This is an anti-bacterial and a powerful anti-fungal compound.


This compound is used by the liver to promote choline a compound that helps calm anxiety, encourage muscle growth, enhances memory, and fights against liver disease.


Cyperone is a sesquiterpene that helps the heart and blood pressure. Also used for cervical cancer.

When we go through the catalog of choices in determining which antioxidant drink to buy, its vital to consider the criteria we discussed.

In conclusion:

At one point in our lives, health and vitamin products only did a little bit. As a former vitamin user (25 vitamins a day!) it makes me so happy to see more and more products that offer surprising results. These products are perfect for people who want to stop using pharmaceutical drugs and use the natural route. Our body needs antioxidants to fight off our poor diet choices and help combat the ill effects of toxins around us.

This article was published on RestoredCure on 11/4/17



Yassir is an expert blogger and a Stanford graduate. He is the founder of RestoredCure and has so much knowledge to share!



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