Surprising Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar to the Body

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benefits of apple cider vinegar

Surprising Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar to the Body

Natural remedies are beneficial for our general health, and apple cider vinegar is one that has a lot of advantages to offer. You will find this type of vinegar being often used in the kitchen, either as part of a salad dressing or in food preserves. While it is safe to consume as such, it should only be done in small quantities. For topical applications, it is best to be diluted, so as not to damage the skin.

A daily intake of apple cider vinegar is recommended for a wide range of reasons, as you will see in this article. We have gathered a number of surprising benefits that come with including this natural remedy in your diet. Always purchase apple cider vinegar from a reputed brand, making sure that the acidity level is clearly presented.

Healthy skin, hair, and nails

Apple cider vinegar is known to help in case of acne, dandruff, and other skin issues. It can help with nail infections caused by fungi, as it has potent antifungal properties. However, specialists draw attention to the fact that it should always be used diluted, preferably at a ratio of 1:10.

Topical applications with apple cider vinegar can improve acne lesions and make age spots less visible. Used diluted, it can tone the skin and help with sunburns, stimulating the skin to rejuvenate itself. It is useful in the case of mosquito bites, reducing the discomfort caused by itchiness. If you suffer from dandruff, as mentioned, you can use it on your scalp – the acidity and antifungal properties will help you get rid of this problem forever.

Healthy gut bacteria

When the gut flora is unbalanced, one will begin to experience discomforting gastrointestinal symptoms. In fact, many people who have a poor diet, suffering from stress as well, complain of unexplained fatigue. Taking antibiotics might also contribute to the problem, perturbing the balance of the microbiome.

Both mental and physical health is affected by the instability of the gut flora, so one should change the diet to bring back the healthy balance between good and bad bacteria. Probiotic foods should be part of a balanced diet, as they contain friendly bacteria. Apple cider vinegar is a great probiotic, which can restore microbiome balance and, thus, improve health in general.

Fighting chronic pain and inflammation

It has been determined that apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy that could help in the case of chronic pain and inflammation. Those who suffer from arthritis might benefit, in consequence, from introducing ACV as part of their daily diet. The anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the pain relief, depending on the dose.

According to the research made, it seems that apple cider vinegar is rich in B vitamins. The pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties are ensured by two B vitamins, in particular, meaning B1 and B12. Their presence in ACV might help those who suffer from other chronic conditions, associated with moderate-to-severe pain and swelling.

Improved athletic performance

Athletes are always on the lookout for natural solutions to improve their performance overall. Whether you prefer weightlifting, running, or swimming, you might want to consider apple cider vinegar. This natural remedy can increase endurance to physical effort, keeping your blood sugar stable.

ACV contains acetic acid, a substance that contributes to the formation of acetylcholine. This is a neurotransmitter, working to improve the overall functioning of the muscles and their ability to utilize oxygen, nutrients, etc. A daily intake could stimulate the muscles to produce energy more easily, thus improving performance.

Effective solution against cramps

Cramps are common in people who suffer from a mineral deficiency, appearing often during the night. They might also occur in those who train intensely, especially after exercise. Apple cider vinegar might represent an effective solution against cramps, helping with both muscular fatigue and any existent deficiency.

Rich in potassium and other minerals, apple cider vinegar can reduce the intensity and frequency of muscular cramps. Moreover, it reduces the necessary recovery time. You can soak a clean cloth in a mixture of water, honey, and a small quantity of apple cider vinegar, applying it then to the affected area.

Restoring healthy menstruation

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a condition that affects women of all ages, leading to irregular menstruation and infertility. It can be caused by different other medical issues, and one of these causes is insulin resistance.

Apple cider vinegar can reduce insulin sensitivity, being a useful remedy for women who suffer from PCOS. Taken every day, it can restore menstruation and ovulation, increasing the chances of having a baby. Additional treatments might be, however, necessary as well.

In conclusion, these are some of the most surprising benefits that apple cider vinegar has. As you have seen, it is often recommended for this natural remedy to be diluted, or integrated as part of the diet, so as to get its full benefits, without any additional problems.

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