How To Eliminate Stress So That It Doesn’t Hurt Your Health

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How To Eliminate Stress So That It Doesn’t Hurt Your Health

“Care inspires and gently reassures us. Lending us a feeling of security and support, it reinforces our connection with others. Not only is it one of the best things we can do for our health, but it feels good — whether we’re giving or receiving it.  Here a 30-minute meditation exercise that will eliminate your stress and transform you into a new person.”

The Healthiest Ways to Decrease Your Stress and Increase Your Energy

Did you know…?

Stress itself can age you; it mentally drains you and makes you physically age quicker.  As a mom, I find myself  extremely busy caring for my kids and my family, so much that at times I find myself  neglecting the most important person – “myself.”  Don’t get me wrong I’m not a self-centered person.

Actually, I’m far from it.   Many times I find myself caring for everyone else around me and I tend to forget about the well-being of myself.  As I talk to many other mothers I find that I am not the only one who has this problem.  A scientific study was recently conducted and it concluded that mothers, unlike their fathers, tend to have a higher Body Mass Index and less healthy diets than women their same age without children.  The fact shows that as caring mothers we care for everyone, but ourselves, but my question is how can we care well for others when we are letting our health go downhill, especially when looking and feeling good remains an important priority in our life?

In Order To Care For Your Family, You Need To Take Care of Yourself First

So many moms say to me, “oh no my kids and my family come first before me.”  But what I can’t understand with that philosophy is that is you are tired, overwhelmed, nervous, stressed and did I mention tired? Then how can you give your kids and your family 100%?  If you’re not feeling 100 percent then you can’t.  Also, what w example are you showing your kids if you let you’re your health and body go downhill.  I’m sure it’s even eating away your self-esteem.  Don’t think others don’t notice.  They do and don’t forget you are your child’s mentor.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Your children will follow your footsteps.

Set Goals for Yourself: Be the Best You Can Be

In order to care for your kids and for your family, you need to be the best you can be and that means taking care of yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually.  If you want to live a happy, healthy, and productive life then you need to make sure you take time out each day to give yourself some “Me Time.”

Learn How To Live a Happy, Healthy and Productive Life by Setting Your Worries Free

“Letting your worries go free seems easier said than done, but with these techniques, you can learn to let go of your worries and live a happy stress-free life.”   In this day in age, we tend to have so many responsibilities that leach to us each day. We worry about work, our families, paying the bills, getting the mortgage out on time, and surprise obstacles that tend to find us even though we do not want them too.

How are we supposed to live a happy, healthy, productive life when we have so many worries and responsibilities daily? Is the concept, “stress-free lifestyle” a reality or just a joke?   You need to bring compassion and mindfulness directly to your worries with help you can get rid of the worrying. Find the real cause.

Go to your heart and meet the cause with kindness. Ask yourself, what is happening to me? Pay attention and be aware of what your body is telling you.  Be aware of the feelings and sensations going on in your body. Mediation is a great way to become in contact with your inner self and the messages it is sending your mind, body, and heart.

Here is a great way to bring happiness into your lives and get rid of the worries in your daily lives.


  • Sit in a quiet spot
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe slowly 20 times
  • Ask your worries, “What do you want from me?
  • Accept those worries that fill your soul
  • Face them, never run from them if you stay in denial it will only worsen.

The point of this is to acknowledge your worries and accept them. (This is the first step to healing.)

Next the Love Step

We all need to feel loved and understood. This is the essence of unconditional presence, the step that can heal and rid your worries for good. Our worries play a large role in our life, but greater is the truth of our connective. If you have been hurt by a loved one you will know those other caring souls around you helping you can help you tremendously. During mediation think of these people and the support, they show you. You can learn to offer their help to yourself in your mind through meditation.

Start Meditating Each Day    

Stay in connection with nature focus on the:

  • The songs of the birds
  • The trees
  • The sky
  • The flowers
  • The smell of the flowers

The challenge in facing worries is to overcome the initial reflex to dislocate from the body and stop these worries. To combat this you need to pull away from the worries. You need to shift your attention away from the worries by fully connecting your feeling and sensations in the body. By leaning in and facing the worries instead of pulling away, you discover the compassionate presence that releases you from your worries.

What to do when you worry


When you realize you are worrying, the first step is to pause – to stop your physical activity- and to create space and create space for what is happening to you.

Name it

If you can name the worry, you begin to free itself from its grip. After pausing, you can note what you are aware of: “anxiety,” “racing heart,” “obsessive worries.”

Remember a larger truth

When you catch yourself worrying, you forget which is scared – love, beauty, joy, happiness and the beauty that surrounds us. To meet the worries, it helps to focus on what you are missing by wasting your time worrying. This will help you develop a sense of wholeness and peace.

Think of a loved one

This helps bring a sense of beauty, inspiration, belonging, safety. This allows you to feel at home, uplifted, protected, and at ease.

Breathe with the worries. As you breathe in allow yourself to feel the worries fully in your body. Without ant resistance, experience pressure, tightness, heat, or chilliness. As you breathe out to feel a sense of release into space a sense of the love of life and wholeness of life.

Offer compassion

As you breathe with worries, offer a sense of care to yourself. “I care about my suffering.” Extend your compassion to others also.

Turn your attention somewhere else. If you feel like your worries are too hard to handle, seek someone else for the trust for support and care.

As long as you are alive, you will always worry

It is a part of life, but do not ignore your worries or let it control you, face it, accept, and get rid of it. Life has three components, which is to live a happy, healthy, and productive lives.  As long as you are happy, that is all that matters.

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