3 Ways CBD Helps with Meditation

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3 Ways CBD Helps with Meditation

Our first thoughts when we hear the word meditation are calmness, harmony, and peace. Meditation is that and much more than that because it is an old tradition we still use today. Cultures all over the world benefit from a sense of inner calmness and harmony that meditation provides. Even though sometimes people tend to relate meditation with religion, mediation is more about achieving peace and finding awareness. Of course, religion may have a significant role in that part too, but mediation simply specializes in it.

According to vermafarms.com, our days are becoming more stressful as we grow, unfortunately. Our busy and demanding lives increase stress and to reduce it we need meditation. This is why meditation is growing in popularity and usage.

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What are some meditation techniques?

There is no scientific proof of the right or wrong way of meditation. As so, it is important to simply find a practice that suits your needs the best. But, there are some more famous meditation techniques let us say. Below you will find the six most popular ways of meditation:

  1. Mindfulness meditation or as many call it Buddhist meditation and is very popular in the West.
  2. Spiritual meditation is used in Eastern religions like Hinduism and Taoism.
  3. Focused meditation, involves concentration using for example your breath to focus your attention.
  4. Movement meditation, which includes yoga, gardening, walking, etc.
  5. Mantra meditation uses a repetitive sound to clear the mind.
  6. Transcendental meditation is the most popular and the most scientifically studied meditation.

What are the 5 benefits of meditation?

Meditation was and is a very interesting topic to study for different conditions. And the studies reveal that meditation may reduce blood pressure, may reduce anxiety and depression, and much more. There are tons of studies about meditation’s role in pain, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, smoking cessation, etc. We can say that meditation is beneficial and here are the 5 benefits of it:

  1. has the ability to lower blood pressure
  2. it is able to reduce anxiety
  3. may ease symptoms of depression
  4. has the ability to reduce pain
  5. can improve sleep

Does CBD help with meditation?

As we understand, the worries and stress push people to find more stress-relief ways and modalities. In fact, just lately, supplements such as Lazarus Naturals CBD products are gaining popularity. CBD is one of the active ingredients of hemp, which works directly with the endocannabinoid system of our body. Like so, helps our body to control or maintain internal and external health balance. CBD is much better than its cousin THC because, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. This fact helps CBD be compatible with other forms of remedies to fight health issues. And most importantly it is not difficult to include CBD in your meditation way.

What are the 3 ways CBD helps with meditation?

As we mentioned above, CBD can easily be incorporated into your yoga or mindfulness practices. And here are the 3 ways to include CBD products into your meditation forms:

  1. Before practice take CBD oil orally
  2. Consider a CBD drop into your tea or any drink of choice
  3. Apply CBD creams to help your skin and muscles as well

These are the 3 most common ways to incorporate CBD into your practices. And we will elaborate on each one below.

-Before starting your practice, consider putting CBD oil drops under the tongue and keep them there for 60 seconds. That way there is enough time to be absorbed through the blood vessels. Swallow the remainder of the oil, and please start with small doses at the beginning. If the previous or current dose did not do the job well, feel free to try other doses until you find the strength of CBD oil that works for you.

-Of course, many people prepare their preferred drinks to take with them into their practices. If you bring a cup of tea or fruit water with you is always a good idea. This helps you a lot and prevents your body from getting dehydrated. This time consider adding CBD drops into your drink of choice. The benefits are there for you to take.

-Meditation involves our skin and muscles, and so we need good care. Make sure you apply some CBD cream to the muscles you activated and check the results. CBD creams are both cooling and hydrating, thus making your skin glow.

What are the disadvantages of meditation?

As we stated above, there is no proven way of meditating that works for all of us. Taking that into consideration, we can think of some potential downsides to meditation for some people. Meditation can surprisingly cause negative side effects to some people. Most people report a wide range of benefits from meditating, such as reduction of stress, improvement of memory, physical health, etc. But, there are also some downsides, which we will elaborate on below.

Meditation may prompt negative thinking, leaving you feeling less optimistic. Some people experience delusional and irrational thoughts after meditating. Another interesting thing is that some people’s way of smell, hearing, and tasting changes due to meditation. After meditating, some find themselves not wanting to do anything. This small group of people loses interest in activities that were their favorites before meditating. Some others might re-live negative emotions and memories and end up in a not-so-happy place. Others may experience physical side effects such as headaches.

Keep in mind that the most important relationship in life is the relationship you have with yourself. This is because it affects other relationships you have such as work, spouse, etc. What may be a dangerous potential downside of meditation to some people, is antisocial behavior. Some find it hard to reintegrate into their previous lifestyle.

In the end, even though CBD is not yet a regular part of each one’s meditation practice, it is a considerable option. The thing is, meditation and CBD go hand-in-hand. If taken properly both have few or no negative side effects. CBD is not psychoactive, on the contrary, it has anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties that really help people reduce stress and maintain overall health balance.

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