Top 5 Ways To Quit Smoking Without More Drugs

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Top 5 Ways To Quit Smoking Without More Drugs

Quitting smoking without drugs, or naturally, means without a prescription, and without nicotine. Nicotine, by any definition, is a drug. It is a powerful stimulant, causes addiction, and is a common insecticide. Yes, nicotine kills insects, and about 60 cigarettes at once could kill a human too.
So given these horrifying facts, we have compiled a shortlist of 5 ways to quit smoking, without more drugs.

Behavioral Modification Therapy To Replace the Habit

Nicotine causes a physical addiction in the body, however, that addiction only lasts about 3 weeks after your last cigarette. The hardest part of quitting is actually the habit, which can keep you feeling those urges to smoke for the rest of your life!
One behavioral modification method is called Habit Reversal, which means to replace the habit of smoking with something new. Learn your triggers, know your rewards, and insert a new healthy habit every time you feel the urge.

 Herbal Remedies To Gently Ease Symptoms

Herbal remedies are a simple, gentle way to quit smoking. Many herbs can help ease some of the issues related to quitting smoking, making it easier, as well as improve your health.
One herb that is used in many natural quit smoking aids is lobelia, a.k.a. puke weed, a.k.a. Indian tobacco, because it stimulates the same neuroreceptors as nicotine. There are products that help ease tension to temporarily support willpower like Quit Tea and Quit Support, and other products for lung health and herbal detoxification. Even something as simple as drinking a few cups of herbal tea every day will really help.

 Exercise For A Healthy Distraction

Exercise can provide tremendous benefits for quitting smoking. It increases endorphins, improves blood flow, helps detoxification, and just makes you feel better. Activities like running, yoga, and cycling a great workout, and distraction from smoking.
If you do not currently exercise, adding exercise will really help you break the old routines you had when you were a smoker.

Mindfulness To Becoming Aware Of When And Why

This might sound too new age, but there is a lot of research that shows meditation and mindfulness training can drastically improve your chances of quitting success. The idea is simply to become aware.
Most people don’t really think about when they smoke, never mind why. If you can become aware of the whole experience, it will be easier to recognize your triggers to smoke, so you can avoid them, figure out why you smoke, so that you can find new habits to replace your needs, and eventually no longer have the desire to smoke.

Cold Turkey If You Want To Ignore The Other 4

Finally, if you want to ignore these other 4 simple and helpful tips for quitting, there is always the good old fashion cold turkey. It is how most people quit, and isn’t a bad method if you do it right, and have the willpower.
If you do decide to do it cold turkey, here is a little advice. Pick a date with some significance, tell everyone you know that you are quitting, and remove everything related to smoking from your life before the quit date.
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