Fixing a Bad Relationship: 8 Ways to Get Out of a Rut

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Fixing a Bad Relationship_ 8 Ways to Get Out of a Rut

Fixing a Bad Relationship: 8 Ways to Get Out of a Rut

Before considering the idea of ​​ending a relationship, some strategies can help rescue it when there are still many feelings involved.

Some strategies can help save a relationship when things no longer work the way they used to. While saying goodbye is sometimes the healthiest thing to do, some habits favor one last try before making that decision.

If there are enough reasons to want to continue with that person, we must not stop fighting to rescue the good. So instead of continuing to focus on the negative aspects of the relationship, it is better to remember what it was that once brought you together.

Don’t forget that when you start dating someone, everything is magical and almost perfect; however, as time goes by, the differences begin to become apparent, as do the problems. However, going through ups and downs and arguments doesn’t always have to have a sad ending. Let’s go deeper.

Tips to fixing a relationship


A relationship can deteriorate for different reasons, the important thing is to reflect on what is happening and how it affects you. Here’s how to do it.

Identify the problem



On many occasions, the relationship crisis is the consequence of small problems that have not been solved. Details that seemed insignificant, but that little by little have caused distrust, jealousy, and other feelings that are not healthy.

Learning to recognize what the problem (s) are and being honest with each other is the first step in finding a solution. In this way, it will be easier for you to release harmful emotions and find alternatives to be better.

Express feelings


To save a relationship, you must tell each other what you feel and how you are feeling. In fact, it is not only about expressing the negative feelings that have caused the crisis; It is also necessary to remember that there is still love and many strong emotions to rescue.

Accept your own mistakes to move on


Part of solving relationship problems is learning to accept your own mistakes. Sometimes it is difficult to overcome the crisis because one or both parties are carried away by pride and insist on pointing out a culprit.

If so, it is essential to accept what is wrong and find a way to correct it and if it is not possible, at least apologize for what happened.

Ask for forgiveness when necessary


One of the most difficult things when wanting to save a relationship is asking for forgiveness. However, it is necessary when either of the two has made mistakes, as it releases burdens and allows healing wounds without holding grudges.

Respect each other’s spaces


Taking over the other person’s space is detrimental to the relationship. It can even be one of the reasons why there are constant crises.

Therefore, the two of you must agree to respect those spaces and thus establish a balance in which moments for yourself are also important.

Forget expectations


It is normal to idealize the other person with certain special qualities; however, it is not okay to try to change your way of being or thinking. You can make suggestions and explain why you do not agree with something, but not force or demand the other being who he is not.

Those expectations must be broken to save a couple’s relationship; otherwise, there may be constant frustration and much reproach towards the other.

Control actions and be more thoughtful


When there are constant discussions, “think before acting” should be applied.  If both members of the couple are upset or assaulted, it is likely that they will reach a point where they cannot be tolerated because they do a lot of damage. So it is better to take a deep breath and wait for the moment of anger to pass.

Strengthen physical contact


Couples going through difficult times are prone to losing physical contact. However, looking for a moment of intimacy and sharing kisses and caresses is one of the best therapies to deal with any problem.


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