Tips For Feeling Better After You Get Sick

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Manage Symptoms Until You Get Better

Tips For Feeling Better After You Get Sick

When you feel sick, you obviously won’t be able to live your life the way you usually do. You may feel weak and saddened that you are no longer in control of your health. In some cases, your active life may be non-existent and you can hardly get out of bed in the mornings. Every task now seems overwhelming. Preventative measures should be taken to avoid getting sick, but if you are sick, there are steps you can take to feel better and improve your health.

Start Caring For What Might Have Caused Your Illness

If you suffer from tooth decay, it can be quite discomforting and make you feel sick. First, you shouldn’t wait until you have a decayed tooth to take your oral health seriously. Instead, you should make sure you schedule frequent dental visits to get your cleaning and anything else you may need. Your dentist will inform you on how to take care of your teeth. Oral health is very important. In fact, tooth decay is twenty times more common than diabetes and five times more common than childhood asthma. Therefore, you should definitely take this seriously.

Start Preventing Another Illness

Illnesses like the flu are something that so many people have to endure, especially if you live in a cold climate. Prepare yourself prior to flu season by getting enough rest every day, taking supplements, if necessary to boost your immune system, and get enough exercise to keep you fit. Your kids are susceptible to viruses and bacteria at school and you also have the same possible experience at work because you will always come in contact with other people.

Wash your hands frequently and inform your children to do the same. Disinfect your home, which includes all surfaces that you or your children have to touch. If you come down with the flu, make sure that you keep yourself isolated from the other family members as best as you can since the flu is quite contagious.

You should also make sure to stay hydrated as much as possible on top of getting your rest. However, extra sleep can help you recover from the flu or any other illness, especially when you have a strong immune system. If your illness gets worse, make sure you see your primary care physician for prescribed medication. Within 7 to 10 days, the symptoms should subside. Extra rest will help to speed up your recovery.

Ask Your Doctor For Pain Management Options

When you see your doctor, make sure that you ask for pain management options that can help you feel better. You can also use over-the-counter medication such as naproxen, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen if you are unable to get to the doctor right away. In addition, 85% of legal cannabis consumption is used for the treatment of pain. You can inquire about this from your doctor. If you are having back pain, you can use a pain rub such as Tiger Balm, an ice pack, or a heating pad. You can also try lying on your bed flat, without using a pillow, so your back can be straight or filling your bath with warm water and Epsom salt and lay in it for a good 30 minutes, if possible. You can also add essential oils to the water, such as lavender, or peppermint. These give an added relaxing and healing effect.

Boost Your Immune System

If you want to feel better after you get sick, and you don’t have such a strong immune system, you can work on getting it stronger by asking your physician the kind of supplements you can use. Many vitamins and minerals can help to strengthen your immune system. These include:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C and D
  • Potassium
  • Probiotics

Be sure to speak to your doctor about which ones would be ideal for you because everyone is affected differently by different kinds of supplements or medications.

Manage Symptoms Until You Get Better

It is important to manage your symptoms until you get better. Be mindful of your surroundings and how clean it is kept. Pay attention to your symptoms and apply the remedies that will make you feel better. Try to get as much rest as you possibly can. Call out sick at work because you don’t want to infect other employees. Cold symptoms often last from 48 hours to 14 days. The average person makes a full recovery within 10 days. It is your responsibility to isolate yourself till the symptoms have subsided.


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