How to Prevent Fractures?

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How to Prevent Fractures?

In this article, you’ll learn and discover how to prevent fractures.

What is a fracture?

fracture is a broken bone. It can range from a thin crack to a complete break. According to professionals who provide services such as total ankle replacement in Las Vegas, a bone can fracture crosswise, lengthwise, in several places, or into many pieces. Most fractures happen when a bone is impacted by more force or pressure than it can support.

Common types of fractures include:
  • Stable fracture.
  • Open, compound fracture.
  • Transverse fracture
  • Oblique fracture
  • Comminuted fracture

How to avoid getting a fracture


Breaking a bone entails a combination of weak bones, muscles, and a lack of coordination. When you lack sharp coordination, you may make a misstep easily and expose your body to danger. When you have weak muscles, your coordination becomes poor, and your ability to take flight from risk or the possibility of falling also reduces. Weak bones expose you to fractures even from a small fall. Exercising helps to strengthen the muscles, bones, and the coordination process. It improves your response to a situation that requires a fast response to protect the body from danger of falling or hitting yourself. Take exercise training, such as lifting weights, walking, and improving flexibility to combat these issues.

Choose Your Shoes

The proper shoes for the right weather will help avoid accidental falls. When walking on a rainy day, walk on grass rather than on a concrete path where you may slip and fall. Choose shoes that have a comfortable heel of considerable length that may not make you trip or lose balance. The best shoes should have a low heel and preferably one made of rubber soles that spreads the tension across the elastic soles, thus absorbing energy during the walking process. When suffering from medical conditions that affect your bones, such as arthritis, always use the prescribed supports to spread the tension across your feet during walking. Avoid walking without shoes while at home to reduce the probability of falling while moving around the house.

Use Proper Lighting

Always keep your house well lit to avoid unnecessary accidents while in the home. You can have switches installed strategically in the rooms of the house when entering and exiting to avoid walking in darkness. The stairway and other corridors should have a night light installed at all times. Use a switch near the bed in the bedroom to provide immediate light when waking up in the middle of the night. Keep a flashlight at your bedside and every room as a backup for when the power goes out. Install nightlights at the walkways around your house and the garage for easy access at night.

Secure Your House

The nature of your house may expose you to more danger of falling. If you have a polished floor, use a carpet rug to reduce the possibility of sliding and falling. Arrange the items in each room in a way to keep it neat and straightforward, and avoid any clutter from filling the rooms needlessly. All your stairways should have handrails to offer support. Secure your shower by using a rubber mat to avoid the slippery floor while taking a bath or shower.


According to, prevention is important. Get enough calcium every day (1200-1500 mg in diet or supplements) and vitamin D (800-1000 IU) to keep bones strong. A multivitamin usually contains 400 IU vitamin D, and calcium tablets can have additional vitamin D. Some examples of food that contain these important nutrients are:

  • Dairy products: milk, yogurt, and eggs
  • Whole grains: brown rice, oats, and rye
  • Vegetables: broccoli, spinach, and kale
  • Beans: chickpeas, black beans, and tofu
  • Almonds



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