10 Must Do Exercises This Season

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10 Must Do Exercises This Season

10 Must Do Exercises This Season

By Nicole Infante

Summer is officially over and Fall has begun! Don’t let the colder weather get in the way of your workouts. These 10 workouts are great for building strength and working the whole body. Don’t have a gym membership No problem, do these exercises in the comfort of your own home!


Overhead Press

This exercise mainly focuses on shoulders but also is focused on our core. Without a strong core, we are more prone to injury and backaches/pain.

Tricep Overhead Extension

Focuses on the muscle in the back of our arms, also called triceps. The triceps are made up of three muscles so always do at least one more exercise when lifting biceps (front of the arm) and triceps.

Tricep Kickbacks

Another exercise that focuses on the back of the arm. When executing this move, bend forward at the hips and kick the arms back (with control) and return to starting position.

Bicep Curl

Focuses on the front of the arm. This is a basic bicep exercise. Make sure to squeeze at the top and slowly lower.

Triceps Kickbacks

Like triceps kickbacks, bent forward at the hip joint, keep back relaxed and head looking forward. When bringing weight toward the body, squeeze the shoulder blades together to target the upper back.


Stand with your feet slightly further than shoulder width apart, with the toes pointing out. Sit your butt back as if you are going to sit down in a chair and then slowly rise to return to starting position. It is important to keep head looking forward and the chest is up.


Stand in a split stance and maintain a stable base. Lower your body toward the floor and then return to starting position. Knees do not go past your toes. Keep your chest up.

Pistol Squat

Pistol squats are also known as 1 legged squat. Using a TRX band can help with balance if you do not need to use a band or a chair, do these with just your body weight. This squat will focus on the weakness in our legs that we normally don’t target and it also focuses on balance!
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Lay on the floor with your feet on the floor. Keep knees together and arms at your side. Push your body off the floor and slowly come back to the starting position. This exercise focuses on our glutes.

Russian Twist

A great oblique abdominal exercise. Obliques are the sides of our abs. Raise feet off the floor and sit slightly back. Use a weight and turn the body from side to side.

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