Benefits Of Using A Pedometer In Achieving Your Fitness Goals

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Benefits Of Using A Pedometer In Achieving Your Fitness Goals

All of us have our fitness goals. Experts say that at least 30 minutes of active exercise in a day will help us live a healthier lifestyle. But a lot of us go beyond that – which is even better! We go running, hiking, bicycling – whatever it is we do, we have goals. Along with these goals are gadgets to help us track our progress, and even set our goals. One of these gadgets is the pedometer! Here’s a list of some of the benefits of pedometers in attaining our fitness goals:

It Keeps You Motivated

Let’s be real and honest. No matter how much of a fitness addict you are, there are some days when you don’t just feel it. But you can’t stop! Using one will make you feel like you’re in healthy competition – except here, you’re competing against yourself. Don’t break the good habit that you’ve started. Remember, it’s more than just looking good. It’s about feeling good – and being healthy as well. When you’re aware of your progress, you’ll feel good about yourself and the effort that you’re putting in. Your pedometer will help you track the 10,000 steps that you have to achieve in a day.  Feeling the urge to get one already? Read the best reviews on pedometer watches from Spot the Watch. They provide reliable information to get you started with the basics.

It Makes You Do The Easiest Exercise – Walking!

Don’t you love that, even a simple task like walking can help you achieve your fitness goals? Your simple pedometer allows you to do – and enjoy just that! You can be walking your dogs, on your grocery run, shopping, whatever it is your pedometer can track all the walking. This device can help you get addicted to walking, as you would always strive harder for your statistics to go higher each day – until you finally reach that goal.


It Makes You Feel Accountable

A pedometer will show you ACTUAL data and statistics as to how active you were during the day, how many steps you’ve taken or how far you’ve walked. Some days we’re fooled into believing that we’ve been quite active that day, but in reality, we haven’t. Because your pedometer will show you if you’ve progressed (or regressed), you’ll know if you’ll have to take that extra walk around the park during your lunch break tomorrow.

It Will Help You Lose Weight

Because the pedometer now helps you track your progress when you’ve made one, this can help you lose weight faster. It’s like a domino effect. You bought a pedometer; you walk; your pedometer records your progress; you’re inspired to do more, and the next thing you know – you’ve already lost that weight that you’ve always wanted to forget!

It Helps You Plan Your Day

Once you have a pedometer, it becomes a sort of like a natural consequence for you to start planning your day to revolve around activities that will make you move, and do more. You begin to become more conscious now about how you’ve only just been sitting down for most of the day – or worse, laying down and binge movie watching in bed. Believe it or not, your pedometer can help you to get up earlier and start moving before your day starts to get “too busy” for you to do anything physical.

It Allows You The Breather That You Need

We’re always looking for a breather. We’ve had a rough day at work. The kids have been difficult today. You just lost a loved one. You’ve got a big presentation coming up at the university tomorrow. Whatever it is that stresses you out, we all universally need a chance to breathe – and to take a break. Walking more not only helps you achieve your fitness goals, but it also gives you a cheap, free and healthy form of a breather.

It Gives You Countless Health Benefits

Some of the health benefits that you can gain constantly being active are the following:

  • Stress relief, as it can serve as a form of meditation.
  • It helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugar levels.
  • Promotes healthier muscles and bones.
  • Reduces the risk of obesity and cancers.
  • Maintains a healthy heart and overall well-being.

As your pedometer records your daily progress and gives you objective data, all these health benefits become more achievable as you strive to do better than you did yesterday.


With all this said, remind yourself that walking is always the best form of exercise. It’s an essential form of activity for you to do. If you’re still hesitating on getting a pedometer today, then you might get one tomorrow. Your pedometer will be your walking best buddy that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Having these goals in mind will actually help you start a healthy lifestyle. In using one, it seems as if it just naturally gives you an entirely encouraging feeling.

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