Best Athleisure Pieces You Can Wear to the Office

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Best Athleisure Pieces You Can Wear to the Office

The athleisure trend has been around for some time now and it seems that it has no intention of going away as it is so comfortable and chic.

You can find athleisure pieces almost anywhere these days. Opt for brands that focus on fashion-forward athleisure trends that are suited beyond the gym, such as Athleta and prAna. You can also head to luxury e-shops like Luisaviaroma (LVR) for elevated athleisure pieces that will fit well and have that special quality finish that makes a big difference in this style.

Here are some of the best pieces of clothing to have in your wardrobe to dress according to the athleisure style while being appropriate for the office.

Lightweight jumper

A lightweight jumper can be worn from your exercise class to work and keep you comfortable throughout your workday. A fitted but lightweight jumper will look more polished than an oversized hoodie, and won’t limit your performance at the gym or overwhelm your office attire.

Faux leather leggings

Faux leather leggings aren’t exactly something you’d wear to the gym, but this take on the legging bridges the gap between athletic wear and non-athletic wear. You can pair faux leather leggings with a blazer and sneakers for work, or opt for an oversized sweater and low boots for a comfortable yet sleek look.

A stylish hoodie

A hoodie doesn’t have to be something you restrict to house clothes or gym wear. Opt for a stylish hoodie such as a plaid or pied-de-poule and wear it with fitted trousers or jeans and sneakers for the office.

Leather sneakers

These sneakers, especially white leather sneakers, are seen all over these days, and for good reason. Leather sneakers are a comfortable shoe option that looks sporty but also fashionable, and they go with every outfit. You can wear leather sneakers with a dress to make your outfit more casual, wear them with trousers and a blazer to make it edgy and comfortable, or pair them with jeans, a tee, and a blazer for a casual but pulled-together look.

White blouse

A white blouse is a staple piece that goes with just about everything. Pair it with jeans, slacks, or a skirt to make your outfit look crisp and intentional.

Casual blazer

A casual blazer can be added as your third piece with just about any outfit to make it a more elevated and professional look. Pair it over a tee with jeans and heels, flats or boots for a comfortable look for the office, and just be sure to keep your blazer on for any meetings you’re in. If you’re in a hoodie, black leggings, and sneakers from the gym, throw a casual blazer over your outfit to dress it up.

You can style athleisure clothing to make it appropriate for the office by adding at least a third piece that is not intended for the gym such as a blazer and opting for comfortable pieces such as leather sneakers that make you look polished but are still a lot more comfortable than the traditional work heel or flat. It’s all about balance and working within the fashion allowance of your own company culture.

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