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Contemplating Twin Childbirth? Here Are Your Options

The Complete Herbal Guide / Family  / Contemplating Twin Childbirth? Here Are Your Options

Contemplating Twin Childbirth? Here Are Your Options

Discovering that you are pregnant is a life changing moment. While many women welcome twin pregnancies and wish to become mothers, for others, it can be an extremely challenging and daunting situation. If you are pregnant and not sure what to do, here’s what we suggest;

Keep calm:

Feelings of anger, disbelief, and resentment will storm your mind and can force you to make hasty decisions. Even though, it is completely natural to be scared, remaining calm and composed will put you in a better spot to decide the next course of action.

Once the initial shock has passed, it’s time to start thinking about the future. It is important to know that a twin pregnancy is not the same as a singleton pregnancy.

So what’s different about twin pregnancy?

It is difficult to be pregnant with a single child, but expecting twins is a completely different ordeal.

High-risk pregnancy:

Even though most twin pregnancies result in the birth of healthy babies; they are considered to be high risk due to increased chances of gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia, obstetric cholestasis and gestational diabetes. With twin pregnancies, it is more likely that a C-section will be required.  There is a higher risk of a miscarriage since you are carrying more than one baby. Also, twins are more likely to develop structural abnormalities as compared to single babies.

More doctor appointments:

Twin pregnancies require additional care and monitoring; this means frequent visits to the doctor. It is extremely important to follow your prenatal visit schedule so that any potential problem is identified at the earliest and treated accordingly. Twin pregnancies require more ultrasounds and prenatal tests than a singleton pregnancy.

Twins may be born prematurely:

Twin pregnancies have a 37-week full-term as compared to a 40-week full-term of singleton pregnancies. Also, 50 percent of twin births happen before 37 weeks. If the twins are born premature then they also require special care afterward.

More symptoms: 

Having two babies moving around in your belly is a lot different than just one.  Although symptoms vary among women, some of the more common ones include:

  • More weight gain than a singleton
  • The morning sickness is worse than a singleton.
  • Frequent need to urinate.
  • Exhaustion and the inability to perform daily activities.
  • Bed rest may be required.
  • Extreme mood swings.
  • Early fetal movement.
  • Extra folic acid intake required.

What are my options?

Just because the pregnancy is unplanned doesn’t mean that you are out of options. Pregnant women tend to face this kind of situation every day; where almost half of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended. There are three options available to you:

  • Parenthood: Give birth and keep your twins.
  • Adoption: Complete the pregnancy and have the twins adopted by a foster family.
  • Abortion: End the pregnancy.


Becoming a parent is both demanding and rewarding. Nurturing another life inside your womb and watching them grow into a person is an unparalleled experience. But most importantly, everybody loves twin babies.

The decision to give birth and raise twins should not be taken lightly. Having twins means double the responsibility and less time for yourself. It is really difficult to take care of two infants at the same time. Constant feeding and diaper changes coupled with sleep deprivation can be extremely taxing.

If you already have children, then it can be difficult to balance your attention and obligation towards all of them. Raising twins requires a lifelong emotional commitment. You must be prepared to support them from infancy to adulthood and beyond.

One of the most difficult aspects of having twins is the financial requirements. Raising a single child can be expensive but having twins can seriously burden your bank account. However, there are many resources available to parents such as Medicaid, child care, food stamps, public education and so on.

Being a parent requires you to plan a secure future for the twins and place their well-being before yourself. Your twin will be your number one priority; this means making a lot of personal sacrifices including professional, educational and social.

If the circumstances are right and you have the support of your partner, family and friends then this will be the ideal option.


Adoption is the permanent placement of your twins into another family. The placement will take place once you give birth to the twins. If you feel that circumstances do not allow you to raise the twins yourself, it is in their best interest to have them adopted.

Your twins will have all the legal, social, emotional and familial benefits that biological children have. Adoption can be a very difficult decision to make, but people who truly care will support your judgment.

Adoption helps to achieve a positive result for everyone involved. There are so many wonderful and loving couples in America that wish to adopt twin babies. By deciding to place your twins for adoption, you can give them a chance to complete their families.

A credible adoption agency will help you find the perfect adoptive parents. All expenses are covered by the adoptive parents, so you don’t have to worry about the costs of pregnancy, delivery and the adoption. Moreover, you will have the option of keeping in contact with your twins or to remain anonymous, depending on which type of adoption you choose.

Adoption is a legally binding agreement; you cannot take back your decision once you have signed the consent papers after childbirth. However, if you are unsure at any point during the pregnancy, you can decide not to go ahead with the adoption.

Adoption is your personal decision, and no one can force or pressurize you in this matter.


If you feel that both parenthood and adoption are not viable options, then you can end the pregnancy by getting an abortion. There are many people who oppose the idea of abortion, and you may feel isolated when considering this option. However, bringing twins into this world and raising them in unfavorable conditions is the worst thing you can do.

The procedure for twin abortion is not any different from a singleton abortion. There are two kinds of abortions available, depending on the stage of pregnancy. A medical abortion will terminate the pregnancy in its early stages by use of medicine (abortion by pill).  A surgical abortion involves vacuum aspiration and is carried out when a medical abortion is no longer applicable. Since abortion is a medical procedure, it is important to consult with your health care provider to get support and assistance.


If you are uncertain about your twin pregnancy, it is important to look at every option thoroughly. Whether you choose parenthood, adoption or abortion, gathering as much information as possible will allow you to make appropriate decisions. There is no right or wrong option; every pregnancy undergoes different circumstances. Having the support of your family and friends will help you get through this difficult period easily.

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