Why Treat Tooth Decay of Deciduous Teeth?

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Why Treat Tooth Decay of Deciduous Teeth?

Nowadays, a lot of people suffer from dental problems. This concerns not only adults but also children with deciduous teeth. There are numerous reasons for such problems, from traumas to improper mouth hygiene. Caries is one of the most frequent dental diseases common to people of all ages. But its possible consequences are usually underestimated. Therefore, tooth decay treatment should always be carried out in time, even if it concerns the deciduous teeth.

Symptoms of Caries

It is difficult to detect tooth decay at an early stage without visiting a dentist. However, the following symptoms should be real warnings of the problem:

  • Dark spots on the teeth
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Foul breath
  • High teeth sensitivity while eating or drinking something cold or hot
  • Prolong or sudden toothache

The earlier you visit a pediatric dentist, the less painful the treatment will be. The specialist should ask you about these symptoms before the treatment. It is also important to examine the teeth condition with special pediatric dental equipment that will help find soft zones. Dental X-ray will definitely confirm the diagnosis. The symptoms usually do not depend on the age that cannot be said for treatment methods.

tooth decay

Tooth Decay Treatment for Children

It would be a mistake to think that caries cannot cause serious damage to deciduous teeth. Caries imply that the enamel is broken down and bacteria are quickly getting inside the tooth. If this process is not prevented, the consequences can negatively influence the health of the mouth cavity.

In most cases, tooth decay treatment for children usually provides that problematic zones affected by caries should be filled. However, everything depends on the age and general condition of the patient. At a young age, only fillings are applied. In case it cannot help, the tooth is removed. Adults can also have crowns to cover a problematic tooth. If caries affects the tooth very deep, root canals will probably have to be cleaned and filled with a special material to replace the nerve and pulp.

So, pay close attention to your mouth hygiene, eat less sugar and what is most important – visit a dentist regularly.

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