Vacuum Pumps for Curing Impotence

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Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps for Curing Impotence

In this article, we’ll learn about what a vacuum pump for impotence is, how it works and if it’s worth trying.

Until Viagra came on the market, impotence vacuum pumps were the number one choice of most men who suffered from erectile dysfunction.

For many men who do not want to take pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra, the pump is still the number one choice.

Medical Conditions and the Dangers of Using Pharmaceutical Drugs

For a lot of men who suffer from heart problems, diabetes, or high blood pressure, the risks of experiencing an interaction from taking pharmaceutical drugs for their impotence problems are high. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Despite the apparent overwhelming strength of drugs like Viagra in the impotency market, there is still a large number of men who rather use the vacuum pump.

Before drugs, as Viagra and Cialis came along men who suffered impotence for a long time spent many years using vacuum pumps to achieve erections.  They became used to how they worked.

How Vacuum Pumps for Impotence Works

  1. In the initial stages, a plastic cylinder is placed around the penis
  2. Then a pump (either electrical or manually operated) gradually sucks the air out of the cylinder which creates a vacuum that forces blood to be drawn into the penis.
  3. Once the required erection is achieved, the cylinder is removed and a reasonably tight-fitting elastic collar or band (the ‘tension ring’) is applied to the base of the penis to prevent blood from passing back into the body
  4. This would naturally cause the erection to subside.

It is generally reported that using an impotence vacuum pump is a very effective way of achieving and maintaining an erection.  Many men are familiar with using this device. It is used by many men worldwide.

Benefits of Using a Vacuum Pump

  • Using a pump removes the necessity of taking possibly harmful drugs.
  • It also provides immediate results.
  • Performance is not affected by drinking too much alcohol.

What are the Negative Aspects of  Using a Vacuum Pump

You must be careful not to leave the ‘tension ring’ in place for more than 30 minutes.  Some men using impotence vacuums, especially new users could potentially suffer bruising and pain.

There have been occasionally reported cases of a condition known as priapism.  This is where the individual concerned has maintained his erection for a period of two or three hours. While this might sound like a dream for someone suffering from impotence.  It can be dangerous.  Anyone who is suffering from priapism must seek medical attention immediately.

What Are the Complaints of Using a Vacuum Pump

Sometimes you’ll hear a complaint that having to use a pump takes away the spontaneity and romance of the moment.  However, this is an insignificant comment.

Otherwise, there are no drawbacks to using an impotence vacuum pump.  You don’t have to use pharmaceutical drugs with harmful side effects if you use a vacuum pump.  A vacuum pump could be considered a natural treatment.


There are many different types and models of pumps available.  Make sure you purchase a vacuum pump that works well and has a comfortable fit.

In our next article, we’ll discuss impotence injections for erectile dysfunction.

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