Using Kratom To Enhance Sex Drive

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Using Kratom To Enhance Sex Drive

Despite the common uses of kratom, Mitragyna speciosa, to reduce anxiety, improve focus, and kill pain, it aids in prolonged and intense sexual intercourse. It’s therefore beneficial in men who wish to treat premature ejaculation.

Kratom relaxes the nervous system, and you should achieve the benefits within a few minutes after consumption. According to New Treatments at, the effects of kratom can last for over two hours, allowing you to be more adventurous and interactive during the sexual act.


How Kratom Helps In Sexual Enhancement

Kratom contributes to an improved sex performance for a longer duration since it increases energy levels. After consumption, it numbs your senses, which results in low sensitivity of the sexual organs, and you thus require higher stimulation to achieve orgasm. As a result, most users record improved sexual endurance. However, be careful with the dosage since overconsumption may make your organs too dull, making it hard to achieve orgasm.

Another significant benefit is that it helps reduce anxiety, making you relax, which leads to perfect sex performance. Kratom kills fear and builds on positivity, eliminating any insecurities and self-critics, which positively impacts sexual experiences.

Additionally, Kratom boosts self-confidence, especially in men who feel anxious while getting intimate. It translates to sociability, which helps them develop better conversations with women. You will begin to feel good about yourself to give your best in bed. Further, it results in an uplifted mood, which helps the users perform sex with more energy.

Moreover, Kratom acts as a minor vasodilator and muscle relaxant, which improves erection. You will also experience some tactile stimulations that enhance your sexual desires.


Using Kratom To Enhance Sex Drive With The Best Strains

Various kratom strains contribute to an increased sex drive. Some boost energy levels, while others result in relaxation and sedation. The varying outcomes are due to the method of harvest, the strain’s color, and region of growth. Generally, green and white varieties guarantee the best results in terms of sexual enhancements. Some users prefer the Bali strain.

You can also try out the Green Maeng Da, a highly consistent strain that acts as a sexual enhancer and stimulant. However, avoid the red type, which contains a high amount of mitragynine alkaloids that can result in sexual dysfunction.

The Right Dose While Using Kratom To Enhance Sex Drive

Kratom is a relatively safe option, and as long as you consume the right dosage, your body should respond appropriately. There is no human study that outlines kratom’s toxicity, though it may pose serious health risks when you consume more at a go.

Also, avoid taking it with other depressants since it may lead to nausea, vomiting, and passing out in extreme cases. It can also make semen taste bitter, and you may want to inform your partner in advance.

A great way to determine the right dose is by figuring out your body’s sensitivity to coffee. If you are so sensitive to caffeine, you might be responsive to kratom, and you need to start low. While using a capsule, 4 to 5 should be enough or two grams for the dried form.

It might take some time to feel the effect, so don’t re-dose within a short period. If you fail to notice any outcome, you can add a gram at a time until you get to your sweet spot. Also, remember that repeated use can read to high tolerance; hence try to space your consumption.


Bottom Line

Ultimately, kratom has a significant impact on your sex life, but you need to find the right dose based on your body chemistry. Remember that you only need enough amount to improve your sex drive and endurance, and excessive consumption may lead to less functionality.

The above guide aims to shine a light on kratom’s effects on sexual enhancement to help you make an informed decision.

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