Top Fashion Hacks To Always Keep In Mind

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Top Fashion Hacks To Always Keep In Mind

If you are a woman, you can never have enough clothes. However, with everything being so expensive, it is hard to buy everything you like or always wear something new and unique whenever you go out. To help you out here are some of the top fashion hacks to make the outfits you have last forever.

Save the leggings

Nobody likes to get the runs in their leggings. It is common to snag pantyhose on a nail or a sharp corner and watch it gradually creep up your leg later. Clear nail polish will stop that snag! On the off chance that you can’t go home to change or don’t have an extra pair, you can paint a dab of clear nail polish on the base of the hole. It is important to always keep a bottle of clear nail polish with you at all times.


Tights can tear easily just like leggings, however, if you try this hack they will last you a long time and you may not have to go out as frequently to buy them.  After you get your tights to go home and put them in the freezer before you wear them for the first time.  Your tights will last you longer by doing this simple hack.  It will prevent runs in your tights.  They will be lint-free and the color won’t fade. If you need amazing compression tights, Click here.

Antiperspirant Skidmarks (shower + deodorant + shirt)

Nothing is more terrible than putting on a clean shirt and getting white antiperspirant lines on top of it. This happens to almost everybody and no matter what you use, it normally leaves wet spots everywhere on the fabric—that may even be more awful than the skidmarks!

All things aside, there’s a hack for you: A sponge! A dry sponge eliminates even the peskiest antiperspirant stains like magic. This likewise works if somebody has hugged you and gotten antiperspirant smudges on the upper arms or shoulders of your coat.

Shoe Polish

It may sound insane; however, the inward lining of a banana skin can clean up your shoes on the off chance that you are in a hurry. Rub the peel everywhere on the leather outwardly of your shoes (similarly as though you were using shoe polish). Whenever you have cleaned the banana peel over the shoes, clean them up with a delicate fabric. Voila—banana polished shoes.

Do the math

Everything in your closet must merit the cash you pay for it. It’s about math — to get the cost of that lovely dress or pair of shoes you have your eye on, divide its cost by the number of times you’re going to wear it.

This will help you with staying away from superfluous spending and you’ll figure out how to buy what you truly need. Such a trick may likewise help you settle on a choice for purchasing something costly. For instance, a coat is a piece of apparel you can wear for more than one season, that is the reason why you should invest in a good-quality coat.

A mixture of different items

The best look comes from an elegant combination of various styles, a differentiation of shadings, and various sorts of textures. For instance, adding some ethnic subtleties to your exemplary look or two grit components to the most sentimental outfits are good ideas. Yet, the trendiest mixes are those mixed in with the sporty style.

Sporty style doesn’t mean running pants and sneakers. It incorporates an incredible number of styles and looks that one may not consider “sporty”. Safari, military, and naval enlivened subtleties consistently add a cool flair to your outfit. The plainer the texture is and the more subtleties it has (embellishments, lines, fix pockets, and so forth), the sportier you can get. Sporty details and embellishments make the entire look youthful, dynamic, and loaded with positive energy.

Use the better half

On the off chance that your closet is loaded with dresses that would be incredible if just they had different sleeves or jumpsuits whose stylish neck areas are overthrown by droopy bottoms, you could have a go at repurposing them using the half you like.

Join two articles of clothing, sewing the best part of a dress to the skirt of another, for instance, something an alteration service should have the option to make for you economically, especially if the skirt has an underlying belt. A significantly less complex adaptation of this style hack is to make a skirt or top by cutting up a dress.

Reuse vintage scarves

In the event that you have any silk scarves around you don’t wear, it is suggested to transform them into a scrunchie, a simple process that can be done by hand. Get a piece of elastic, sew your favorite vintage scarf into a long tube, by hand, put the elastic through the tube, scrunch it up, and hand-sew it shut.

Smelly Shoes

If your shoes smell you have a problem. Don’t stink up the place! In the event that you have smelly and stinky shoes, you don’t need to dispose of them. You have a couple of alternatives to eliminate the smell:

  • Put them in the cooler for 24 hours. This can kill most smells.
  • Put them in the hot sun for a day to air out (don’t allow them to get clammy in morning fog or overnight).
  • If you can wash your sneakers or canvas shoes, first coat them in baking soda and wash them with your everyday detergent.

Use different color clothing

Color is the first thing individuals notice about your appearance, even before they focus on your body type and style choices. Using intriguing and unexpected color mixes is the most ideal approach to change your style without wasting an excessive amount of cash, particularly in the event that you like dark tones in your closet previously.

Every now and then, glance through magazines, look at books from acclaimed design houses, and watch their style shows. Likewise, try to see how the unstoppable force of nature joins tones.

Those are regularly the best combos. These tips will help you fuse probably the most ideal alternatives into your closet. Adhere to the principal rule which says you should use around 3 unique tones in your ensemble (aside from neutral colors, for example, grey, black, white, and varieties of beige). A similar tone can be used more than once.

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