Strength Exercises You Can Do At Home

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Strength Exercises

Strength Exercises You Can Do At Home

Almost anybody can reap the benefits of doing productive strength exercise to gain adequate muscles, stamina and improve their well-being. Nowadays, you can get the most out of strength training without having to leave the house. That’s right! You don’t need heavy weights or excessive equipment for the strength training when the body itself is a powerful and majestic machine that can help you gain flexibility, mobility and boost your performance. Here are some of the most effective strength exercises that everybody can do at home. 


Air squat


Squats are a perfect exercise that focuses on some of the most vital muscle groups in the body, legs, and glutes. The basic bodyweight squat is where you simply need to squat or hinge your hips in sitting position until your thighs get parallel to the ground and then stand up. But for a more effective strength training, as you are about to stand up, do an air jump. Air squat exercise tightens your legs, glutes, and give you the necessary cardio which is vital when doing strength exercise. 


Mountain climbers


Mountain climbers are a perfect strength exercise where you need to run or “climb” in fast motion just as a climber would as if they are climbing on a steep mountain. This is a full-body workout that strengthens your core, back, leg and arm muscles. This workout effectively adds crucial cardio to your strength training, so it can get your heart pumping vivaciously as well. Don’t take this workout for granted and search for some at home workouts videos were you can follow a skillful instructor. In his way, you would minimize the injury and maximize performance. 




Burpee is a fantastic strength exercise that also incorporates all body muscles and gets your heart pumping blood fast, which enables you to sweat fast, automatically helps you lose weight. You need to jump, go down, kick your legs back, do a push-up, pull your legs back in a standing position and jump again. That’s one. It’s a high-intensity workout that will definitely help you tighten all the muscles and help you lose weight at the same time. Later you can do reverse burpees and other improvisations for more effective results.


Jumping lunge


Most lunges exercise target thighs (inner and outer), hips, glutes, butts, and calves. Even the basic lunges where you need to go forward with one foot and bend the knees of the other foot to create a 90-degree angle is demanding enough if you do more then 50 reps. Add an air jump to that movement and you have a superb cardio and strength exercise. As you are about to step forward do the jump, and repeat the same with the other leg.




If you are looking for an ideal and all-purpose exercise that will tone up your abdominal, core and stomach muscles, then look no further. Plank is the best exercise that strengthens the core, arm, shoulder, and back muscles as well. It’s resistance exercise, so if you feel overwhelmed in between the reps, place your knees down to rest. To do it correctly, you must place your elbows on the ground and uplift your body and hold it for at least 40 sec. For maximum strength boost, do at least 10 reps per session.


Chair dips


Here is a perfect strength exercise that you can implement into your home workout plan. Unlike the other above-mentioned, this exercise focuses mainly on your arms. Mainly you work on boosting your tricep muscles, but also on your shoulder and chest muscles. Find a steady chair, turn around the face the other side, hold the edge of the chair with your hands as you are faced backward, place your legs wide from the chair and do the dips. You literally need to dip down, as you were about the sit, and then slowly pull yourself up.

Besides many other strength workouts that you can do at home, these are some of the most productive and multi-purpose. Not only will they give you magnificent results, but you will able to them in the comfort of your home.


Stacey Chillemi

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